Check Out The Awesome Metroid II Fan Remake

Nintendo may have forgotten about Metroid’s 20th anniversary, but that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating the occasion. Project AM2R has been six years in the making and boy has it been worth it. The game revamps Metroid II: The Return Of Samus and includes all these new features. Be sure to check it out here!

  • Metroid Zero Mission style gameplay
  • Map system
  • Updated enemy AI
  • Minibosses
  • New areas
  • Challenging Metroid fights
  • Stackable beam system
  • Completely redrawn enemy and Metroid sprites
  • Log system with non-intrusive narrative
  • High quality soundtrack

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  1. Can confirm that it’s amazing. There’s lots of new areas not present in the originals, new bosses, lots of inspiration from both the 2D games and the Prime series…

    The guys at MetroidHQ marathoned it yesterday, for anyone that need a video walkthrough.

    1. ||Too bad this will be terminated soon unless they have High Command’s approval…||

      ||At least it had my approval even though it’s not officisl since it is a true Metroid unlike Fe!%\$\/ion F_$/%!’-e…||

      1. Nah, it’s been in the making for years and Nintendo knew about it, they just don’t care. Besides, they won’t send a C&D to anything Metroid-related, especially during the anniversary and before Federation Force comes out. It would be a PR nightmare.

            1. “Not if they are any clever.”

              The Big N is many things. Clever isn’t one of them, as is evidenced by its draconian, EA-level of anti-consumer nonsense. Any fan work meant to thank Nintendo for the many years of memories is squashed without the slightest whiff of sympathy or appreciation. Doesn’t matter if the maker isn’t wanting money. Doesn’t matter if it’s a game, animated short, movie, hell even a Minecraft created level – if there’s the tinniest whiff of Nintendo’s name on it, they will forcibly rip it from the content creator’s hands, because at the end of the day, Nintendo doesn’t give a shit about its fans, period.

              1. I think you are confusing Nintendo with The Pokémon Company here. And I’ve never heard of any Metroid-related project being taken down before. Harmony of a Hunter came out without a problem. So did Metroid cinematica, or The Sky Calls. In fact, I have trouble coming up with a C&D for any other Nintendo franchise not called Mario.

                So yeah, keep that head-canon game going strong.

                1. I remember them shutting down some Metroid short film project that was on Kickstarter or something

                    1. “Donors were offered Metroid t-shirts and other collectibles”
                      I bet it had more to do with this than with the project itself. Besides, situations where money is involved, even if it’s via donations, are more tricky.

                  1. ||When you try to drain resources from private sources, High Command has every right to delete them as it is their property regardless of who or what make them…||

            1. ||Then it might be overlooked for the nearest future anyway…||

        1. I think the ‘six years’ quote that’s been going around is because my brother-in-law (who is a main graphics artist on the project) has been on the project that long and he’s been the one running the blog in recent years.

          1. Huh, funny. In any case, turns out it’s been in the making for a decade. It was unveiled two years after the project started, making it 8 years for the general public.

            Anyway, congratulate him on finally putting the 1.0 version out. He did one hell of a job.

  2. This is the Metroid game we need, but not the Metroid game we deserve. We can only hope a true-to-form Metroid, 2D or 3D, will make its way to the NX.

    I’ll be checking this out later after work.

  3. Rather than dropping the ban hammer if they do, I don’t see why Nintendo and other companies don’t just let this release. Ninty could put it on eshop and just charge the developer a licensing fee or something like that. It cost Nintendo nothing and the developer gets coin for their hard efforts . It looks great so far.

      1. I am not a troll, it is written in the Holy Bible that “Thou shall not steal”.
        This fan-made game has Intellectual Property that is owned by Nintendo and these people have stolen it from Nintendo for their own purposes.
        I don’t care whether it’s Non-Profit or not, it’s still wrong to take it without asking.

          1. If I go to someone’s house and steal their gaming consoles for myself, would it be legal if I wasn’t making any money off it? Of course not, it’s still stealing.
            This is the same reason Nintendo took down Super Mario 64 HD, it was infringing on their copyrights even though it was Non-Profit. The reason they do this is because of the eShop. What if a load of people played this fan-made remake and as a result ended up not buying the official Metroid II off the eShop? I tell you what would happen, Nintendo would lose money.

            And before you bring up the “Nintendo has plenty of money” argument, that doesn’t make it right. If I went to a rich mans home and stole his HD TV, would I be justified in my theft because he’s rich? Of course not, I’d still be guilty of it.

            1. That….comparison doesn’t work at all. They’re not taking the same game and reselling it. This is an almost completely different game, just with the same story line. New features, new areas, and new moves. It doesn’t replace the original as it’s almost like a completely different game.

              Just stop.

              1. You’re not focusing on what being taken here, I know the game itself is not stolen but the IP is!
                Okay, is Samus owned by Nintendo? Yes she is. Is the Metroid franchise owned by Nintendo? Yes it is.

                The creator of this game has taken the Metroid franchise and Samus from Nintendo without asking and used them in his project.
                The difference between my comparison about the game consoles and this is 1 is stolen intellectual property and the other is physical property, so either way, it’s still theft.

                1. I’ve changed my mind, it is true that Nintendo are legally allowed to do this but taking it down is stupid because it is 100% harmless. In fact it could have even helped Metroid in the long run and brought back Interest in the series.

                  If it was for a more recent game, which of course is impossible because the last 1 was years ago, I could understand but this is for a game that’s super-old.

                  I really hope this game gets put back up.

    1. ||Nothing can repair the circuit known as Feder×%tion &-_)rce unless it is destroyed along with all its so called supporters and finally deleting the memory of Tanabe…||

    2. I really don’t understand why people are hating on Metroid Prime Federation Force, they’ve advertised it as a spin-off and so it’s not apart of the main series.
      I get that people really wanted a new Metroid game, believe me I was gutted when I saw Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival, but why should Metroid Federation Force be hated upon just because it’s not what people wanted? Like many, I’ve actually seen the Gameplay for the game and I think it actually looks pretty good.

      This game should be focused on what it is, not what people wanted.

  4. If Nintendo was smart, they’d buy this from those people and give it to their guys to give it a 3D effect and boom! Sell it on the n3DS eShop! But they won’t because then FedshitForce wouldn’t sell.

    With that in mind, I should probably download this to an SD card so I can at least play it later on.

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