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Opinion: Nintendo NX, Not What We Thought?

For as long as Nintendo NX rumors have been circulating, the idea that the hardware will function as a console and handheld hybrid has regularly agreed upon. A set of recent job positions straight from Nintendo may incline otherwise.

As noted on International Business Times‘ website, Nintendo Of America is currently hiring for retail lead positions for portable devices and for home consoles. While one could safely assume that these are designed for the current Nintendo handheld the Nintendo 3DS and the upcoming NX, it is possible that the Nintendo NX is not the all-in-one device it was believed to be.

Since Nintendo Of America is already a thriving company, the current Nintendo 3DS market lead probably has a steady job. But if the NX is actually the mobile hybrid it seems to be, that addresses the remaining life span of the 3DS. Titles for upcoming 3DS games do not span far into 2017, indicating that the games are either not in production or being held under wrap.

It is possible, because no one but Nintendo seems to know much about this mysterious console, that a home and handheld version exists. While most fans would be excited to take The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on their daily commute, the power limitations of NVidia Tegra chip does not directly compete with graphic fidelity found in the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The Tegra processing chip currently powers upper-tier Apple iPads, which do feature several high level games.

While these job postings are over one month old, they do exist. If the NX is two seperate devices, then having two separate positions makes logical sense. Based on one interpretation from recent Eurogamer information, the Nintendo NX will connect to televisions through a docking system for traditional gameplay and then sever to become a mobile handheld,  deeming the 3DS obsolete with its inferior graphics card.

More news on the ever elusive Nintendo NX is expected later this year, with its release date set for March of 2017. Other recent rumors deduce that the platform will receive Mario, Pokemon and The Legend Of Zelda titles within six moths of launch. Is the Nintendo NX gonna give it to ya? Wait along with the rest of us to find out.

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  1. Breath of the wild is coming out for the system so whatever it ends up being, they’ve already got my money.

    1. But why else would Nintendo need 2 people to be in charge of retail of a portable device and a home console? You think this is for the 3DS and Wii U? I’m not saying this is confirmation of what the NX will end up being but I find it strange that Nintendo posted job listings for 2 separate platforms just last month. It just seems odd

        1. ||Nintendo never does the same thing twice when it comes to machines…||

      1. Because Nintendo entered smartphones market? One of these rumors also acknowledged compatibility of NX with mobile titles, so the common ecosystem of devices might rather be mobiles and the hybrid NX.

          1. I so, so would BUT I’ve been grandfathered in to unlimited data with AT&T and iPhone since 2008, i stream spotify way to much to ever justify switching to another plan

              1. I’m not really sure, I would definitely look into it with AT&T if Nintendo were to create a smartphone. I have a feeling Nintendo would never get into the smartphone business, but anything is possible I suppose!!

    2. Actually Eurogamer’s conclusion was based on pretty thin evidence. Go to youtube and check out Supermetaldave64, he has a technical breakdown of the specs for the nvidia x1, x2 and amd x86, and his logic makes perfect sense. Why would Nintendo produce another underpowered console when both the market and the dev community have been extremely vocal about that being a major problem with the Wii U? And Why would Nintendo force console gamers to buy a handheld device to stay with Nintendo? Its not like them to do that. Plus Eurogamer was wrong before about the 3ds before it came out, they thought the 3ds would have an nvidia chip as well, they reported it as fact, based on their sources who were most likely devs working with dev kits… and the reason they were wrong was because the chip in the dev kits was… (are you ready for this?) A PLACE HOLDER! Their were Nvidia chips in the 3ds dev kits, but Nintendo switched them out at the last minute for production with a Picca2000 chip instead, because they knew the devs would leak info to the press. Eurogamer never took credit for thir mistake then, and they wont now. And everyone will forget they did this in another 5 or 6 years when they do it again.

      1. I’m glad you watch those videos SMD64 is a genius and I believe he is correct.
        I remember that Eurogamer article from before the 3DS came out.

  2. That’s why it’s better to just stfu and wait to see what Nintendo reveals, instead of of wasting time arguing about what you think it is, I’m getting it regardless it’s Nintendo after all they never really dissapointed me 😆

  3. _| If only humans did not rely and/or hope upon such frivolous rumors and speculations to sway their minds against something that is not your knowledge. Instead, you should all wait patiently for everything about the console to officially announced, then begin analyzing and deducing. |_

  4. _| If only humans did not rely and/or hope upon such frivolous rumors and speculations to sway their minds against or for something that is not known. Instead, you should all wait patiently for the console to be officially announced to begin analyzing and deducing it. |_

  5. Nice article. There’s been some rumors and speculations floating around these last days that suggest an AMD console similar to the PS4 in terms of performance, if not surpassing it.

    At this point, I’m willing to believe that Nintendo is spreading conflicting information through fake sources. Still, the people convinced about the hybrid/Nvidia rumor seem to be so convinced that it’s hard to believe all of them might be wrong.

  6. I rather talk about what the name might be.
    I think they will call it Nintendo Cross.
    Because X in japan means cross.. not X like the letter X.
    Just look at Street Fighter X Tekken… they call it Street Figheter Cross Tekken.
    That’s why i keep thinking Nintendo Cross might be it’s official name… that way when it’s abbreviated.. it just ends up being called NX..
    Just my 2 cents..

  7. I seem to remember that it was mentioned that there would be 2 systems, one the NX which is the home console and the other one can’t remember the code name…but it was said that it was the portable. Anyone remember this or am i the only one that probably hallucinated this?

    1. Very early on in the rumors it had been widely believed that the NX was going to come out in two versions, a home console releasing first and a portable coming later. The whole hybrid idea was not taken seriously until more recently.

    2. That was never even a rumor. You’re talking about random speculation by a Japanese analyst. He, in the name of his company, was the one that wrote an article about a hypothetical portable device, codename MH. It was just speculation about what Nintendo might do.

      1. even before that there were suspicions that there were going to be two systems. Nintendo did say that NX is supposed to be a Platform, not necessarily a console. This spawned a few different branches of speculation, one being cross play between a portable and home console and another being the hybrid system.

      2. Aaah that’s the one, the MH…
        And now i remember why it was never even mentioned again.
        I was hoping this was true at the beggining, but since we know little to nothing then we can all just hope and wait to see what Nintendo will show us (if they show us later this year…i hate it that they tend to be really extra secretive).

          1. I know they are trying to protect their ideas from people who will try to get money out of them and from competition copying them and all… but at least they can let us know what are the capabilities of the system… Yeah i know it will have Breath of the wild, but just how different will it look on it… something that will keep us interested in their new platform…
            I will be buying it, i won’t deny that, but at least give us something Nintendo.

  8. Wasn’t there recently some patent for a console that can connect to an external processor or something? Cos that could confirm the hybrid as the external processor could be the handheld connecting to some kind of dock to form a home console or something.

  9. “The Tegra processing chip currently powers upper-tier Apple iPads”

    No it does not. Apple always uses their own chips. The latest Tegra, the X1 is quite a lot more powerful in terms of graphical power. If the successor to that chip is made using the 14nm process, it should gain roughly 1.7x the power or efficiency over the X1 which should be well over Xone level* of performance, but not quite PS4 level**.

    *most games render at 720p
    **most games render at 900p

  10. ||This is entertaining, watching you all in total confusion about our new machine…||

  11. This was mentioned before that NX had two components. A console that’d stream, and a separate handheld. Ever since the tablet type NX rumor, everybody seems to have forgotten this nugget of info.

  12. There isn’t any proof that the console couldn’t match the ps4.
    If they take the tegra x2 and it’s docked, it could have the same gfx as ps4.

    So it’s still to early to tell…

  13. I feel like the NX will be a home console and portable hybrid.

    Outside of the NX, Nintendo will make a completely separate portable console that will follow the 3DS.

    I’m pretty confident that they’re just adding portable to home to sell the home consoles more.

    1. If NX is a hybrid, I hope it’s, like you said, a home console with a portable attachment to help sell more home consoles. The handheld sells perfectly fine as is in Japan & other places so it could really boost the home console sales if it’s got a handheld attachment. So pushing it as a home console with a portable attachment is the best idea.

  14. If I’m believing everything, I think this is a great move by Nintendo. My only wish is that it competes in terms of power. I’ve only had my PS4 for a couple of months and you just can’t beat looking at a game like Uncharted 4.

    It needs to win back the COD crowd for me if its to survive with 3rd party support. What ever way you look at it… 3rd party games on wii and wiiu did not sell. At all.

    What I like, the idea of on the go and plug in direct to TV to dock and recharge the system.
    being a hybrid, that can pool their resources. More games can now be made for 1 platform instead of break of’s with U & 3DS. The 3DS will have another year at best… It’s ran its course.

    We all know NIntendo has a big warchest. But I think in terms of becoming a hardware player, this is make or break.

  15. I’m guess Pokemon Sun and Moon is being ported to NX, so if you preored the 3ds version, and plan to get an NX, I suggest canceling the 3ds version and getting the NX version!

    I really am tired of hear about the NX, nintendo should have just held off announcing the NX till 4 months before it releases! Now that they announced it they should at least tell fans what Nintendo IP exclusives will release on the NX, that way potential buyers will have a choice of buying the version they want on the platform they wanted it on rather than finding out they bought Sun and Moon on the dying 3ds when they could have had the better performing NX version! The messed up part is there’s no guarantee that Nintendo will even tell you which games are getting dual releases, well not until it’s too late and you already bought the shitty version that is!

  16. May it be stated that these job listings are identical in description and seem to e generic. May it also be stated that these were posted around the same time that Moffit left and the Marketing team was going through changes. MAY IT ALSO BE SAID, that if the rumors are true, than of course they would need a console and a handheld marketer to sell an all-in-one machine, and that Nintendo still has mobile gaming and the NES-mini, which both would fit the needs of these jobs. So in all, the month old job listings do not tip the scale for the rumor in either direction, people just like to read into things.

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