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Rumour: New Pokémon Sun and Moon Leaks – Including Alola Raichu has posted three new scans from Pokémon Sun and Moon that have been circling the internet, said to be leaks of content that will feature in the new Sun and Moon trailer that will air in Japan on Friday 10:00 JST, UK at 02:00 BST and US at 21:00 EDT, and 18:00 PDT.

The scans show two new Pokémon called Morelull, which is a grass/fairy type Pokémon, and Pyukumuku a water type Pokémon which was seen previously in CoroCoro but under the Japanese name ‘Namakobushi’. There’s also an image of Raichu in Alola form, which is an electric/psychic type with a ‘surge surfer’ ability.

You can check out the images below:


37 thoughts on “Rumour: New Pokémon Sun and Moon Leaks – Including Alola Raichu”

      1. Actually not, as it turns out. The Japanese trailer is out now and Alolan Raichu’s pre-evolution is just a regular Pikachu.

    1. Nintendo Heretic Hunter Melfice

      Finally that yellow bastard isn’t hogging the limelight, That was why i didnt like the Gen 3 remakes fucking Cosplay Pikachu! biggest waste of time. Raichu looks really good though Looks like Gen 7 is actually shaping up to be a worthy title

      1. Even though I like Cosplay Pikachu, it would have been nice if there had been other Pokemon we could have gotten that wore cosplay. Like an Eevee (#1 favorite Pokemon,) for example! OR/AS could have had something similar to what Sun & Moon is doing right now with the Alola specific Pokemon. Such a missed opportunity. But considering Cosplay Pikachu is sadly locked to the game you get her on, we might have dodged a bullet.

        1. Nintendo Heretic Hunter Melfice

          eevee i could understand as i’ll agree it is adorable it’s that little yellow bastard has to have the damn limelight so damn much yes i know it is the mascot while it used to be clefairy. But i think the only reason i hate that little bastard is because it shoves other creatures out the window heck if it’s a pokemon episode i skip the ash and pikachu bits as i hate ash , i love serena ,clemont and bonnie even team rocket but ash has got to go how old is that little asshole any way hes certainly not fucking 10

  1. Why do they look like fakemon? I liked all designs for Alolen Pokemon so far but the mushroom and Alolen Raichu look dumb. Also Why is there so much grass types in this game? Still getting the game but they need to step it up. The sea cucumber looks cute.




  3. alola raichu looks so cute I love that he’s surfing on his tail and he’s the first Pokemon with a psychic/electric combination

  4. Yeah I just hope the story mode isnt as short like Y and X were. It is stupid to put all these Pokemon on there and not get a chance to raiase them all because of the shortness in Pokemon Y.

    Also they better have thought about team battles. Stupid to give Y very little 2 vs 2 battles. Also stupid for not doing rebattling yet put it in Gokd and Silver.

    Want to charge people $40 for a shorter Pokemon Series.

  5. These are either really fucking great photoshops or someone at GameFreak or Corocoro fucked up!

    That aside, I knew that butt Pokemon would look cute once converted to 3D! lol

  6. Just to clarify, everyone here knows that these are not permanent changes to the original likeminded, right? I’ve seen a lot of dinguses think their precious sandshrews and such are being removed..

  7. *Sorry keyboard was playing up and I hit enter.

    Strange, I saw Polygon reporting that the Alola Raichu was Fairy/Electric. I would prefer a Psychic/Electric duel-typing as that would be a first (to my knowledge).

    I’m still baffled as to why some people are getting uptight about the Alola forms, GameFreak said when they first announced Sun and Moon that transferring from Red/Blue/Yellow to Sun/Moon was possible, and I doubt that the transferred Pokémon would change form upon entry to the region.
    Though breeding on the other hand could vary, my theory; the female partner controls what region form the child will have. Unless you have everybody’s favourite love-machine, Ditto – then it’ll be what the father is.

  8. So then…Alola Pikachu when because let’s be honest….Raichu wouldn’t get something and Pikachu not get it aswell, so come on gamefreak just show us all what we are expecting. Not that I’m complaining if it sounds like it…just saying what we all know is coming from this. Also does that mean Alola Pichu aswell…yea probably.

  9. That Raichu looks like it should’ve been a fairy type. Also, given it’s ability and animation I wonder if it can learn surf normally, or will there be a special move tutor somewhere.

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  11. The Alola Forms are really cool and exquisite for the history of the pokemon anime and the Alola Region. Alolan Meowth is practically the female form of Meowth,so in Team Rocket,if Jesse]s Meowth is encountered by the Alolan Meowth,Jesse]s Meowth will be in love with the Alolan Meowth, the Alolan Marowak is the strongest or main pokemon of the fire gym,no trial captain Kiawe, the Alolan Marowak is the first ever fit pokemon i saw in the Alola Region, or should i say alolan form.Alolan Raichu just made my eyes shimmer brightly, the alolan raichu is freaking cool and adorable at the same is the emissarie of all emissaries ever existed in is the most adorable pokemon with unique type as electric and psychic type, which should]ve been fairy but psychic combines more with raichu]s tail levitation.the alolan raichu will be a massive change or will it be, i think raichu deserves this form, i know pikachu is the mascot of pokemon itself, so it is fair for raichu to get this evolution to change in the region celebrated by the 20 years of pokemon games and movies, i know all of that. but imagine ash travelling with serena and hopefully clemont and bonnie aswell going to the alola region and they fight team skull and ash was using his pikachu to fight the tough evil pokemon and pikachu was loosing balance of the battle and it was daytime,guzma the boss of team skull proposes ash to use his strongest pokemon, and it would still be greninja because of his undiscovered form but ash wants pikachu to fight, while his greninja was unable to battle or just lost a step of the syncro form. then Guzma could throw a thunder stone purposely at pikachu trying to invoke pikachu to look more tougher. and then pikachu starting to shine, and ash being shocked at guzma, and then pikachu starts evolving, ash goes to pikachu to try and stop him from evolving.pikachu starts crying to ash]s eyes as if he was smiling as if he had no choice that in order to show pikachu]s real power, he had to evolve into a higher course level in order to make himself look more intimidating rather to look like a weak rat with electric impress ash that he was stronger than what ash thought about pikachu lately.and that may be so because guzma could say that pikachu isn]t strong enought to battle team skull.raichu , ash would be in pain seeing pikachu]s body changing, and all of a sudden his eyes turn as blue as the rich sea of alola and he would start to evolve,all the trainers at the current battle would be shocked and freeze, and ash would not realise what is happening to his dear pikachu.the trainers would look at the evolution and serena,bonnie and maybe other companion(s) would be glassy eyed, and clemont the supervisor, would speculate this kind of evolution, not form,even though it is named as alola form, but alola forms are the suitable name for variations of different pokemon.pikachu wouldnt be pikachu anymore, as it is now alolan raichu and it floats on its tail, and bonnie looking all amused to touch it, because it is indeed cute, but also it wields psychic power so alolan raichu is the most sacred alola form because it is the main mascot of alolan raichu would beat all of team skull]s pokemon with on strike of bolt, and he would also use his psychic powers to probably control other pokemon]s movements so it is good at physical and special attacks, making alolan raichu much different than raichu, alolan raichu is like the bolting minded mouse pokemon, and ash seems to be amazed that his team got stronger, because of pikachu]s evolution.theese are just long theories that had been in my mind since i saw this alolan raichu get in my eyes.oh and please dont forget to subscribe me, Rodry Skyde, see you gys later!

    1. Not gonna happen unfortunately. If they won’t let Ash become a Pokemon Master, there is no way they’ll let his Pikachu evolve into Raichu. In fact, it’s because of the anime Pikachu is the franchise’s mascot.

      If Pikachu ever does evolve into Raichu in the anime, though, I’ll actually take that as a sign that Ash’s journey as a Pokemon Trainer is coming to a close & they’ll be switching to a new main character as Ash becomes a Pokemon Master.

      Don’t get me wrong, though. I’d love it if they made a major change to Ash like having Pikachu evolve into Raichu, but I just don’t see it ever happening.

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