Video: Conan Briefly Chats With Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto

US talk show host Conan O’Brien recently had the opportunity to speak briefly to the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto. O’Brien had one question and that was what was Mr Miyamoto’s fascination with moustaches and mushrooms? You can check out the answer to that question in the short video below.

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      1. ||You’re so easily offended by anything that’s not your marijuana smoking God it’s amusing…||

        1. What is Miyamoto’s position in the empire Commander? I know Kimishima is ” Lord Kimishima ” lol

          1. ||He is ranked third in High Command, and the empire is dead, now it’s The First Order of Nintendo with Supreme Lord Kimishima as our absolute ruler…||

                    1. ||Our army manages to crush your spirits one by one every day, just in this base there are several in pain, suffering, angry…||

                      ||I’d say our army is the most powerful one…||

    1. ||Take your non Nintendo God to another base or realm, there is no other God than the Nintendo Gods in here and everywhere were Nintendo has eyes…||

      1. You have to remember that the church teaches you to promote Jesus Christ at all times and to always try your best to convert non Christians over at all costs.

        1. ||Well if they continue I’ll get them all banned, this is not a place for imaginary friends…||

        2. And general internet etiquette teaches you not to spam your religious beliefs in places where they have absolutely no meaningful relevance.

  1. I love bacon! I could never be Muslim. Woops! Sorry. So yeah. Bill trintran looks nervous haha I wonder if he was a little star struck or annoyed or nervous.

  2. Typical clueless gamer Conan. Could have asked Miyamoto anything & he chooses the one most gamers should already know the answer to. lol

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