First 4 Figures Unveils King of Red Lions Figurine

Continuing their Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker collection, First 4 Figures have unveiled their newest item. The figure depicts Link sailing in the King of Red Lions across the Wind Waker’s Great Sea. Stunningly detailed, the collectable stands at 25 inches. Like the previous figure in the series, depicting Wind Waker’s Ganondorf, the item will be released in two versions. The exclusive version features LED’s in the base which will pulsate to simulate the tide.

While the figure is expensive, available to pre-order for $449.99, it would make a fine addition to any Nintendo collection. Each one comes in deluxe packaging and features a hand numbered base. The figure will be released in Q2 2017, so excited Wind Waker fans have time to find some extra rupees.

As well as making a press release, First 4 Figures also released a few YouTube videos showing off the new figure and discussing how it was made.

Today we’re happy to announce Link on The King of Red Lions as part of the Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker line of collectibles. Link on The King of Red Lions will be the second statue in the Wind Waker collection to be released in Q2 2017.

At 25 inches tall, the statue features Link sailing on The King of Red Lions ready to explore the vast area of the Great Sea in search of Ganondorf!

In the exclusive edition, an number of LED’s will pulsate rhythmically to give the impression of sailing through the ocean.

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  1. It’s a very nice statue but I think Link’s face is the weak point. Something about it just looks kinda off.. He looks like a cheapo lego figure rather than an awesome 3D representation of Wind Waker’s Link. Maybe becasue I’m more familiar with the original Gamecube design rather than the Wind Waker HD slight revision of him.

    1. Looks more like a very creepy doll faced Link & that just isn’t cool. If the price tag wasn’t enough to scare someone like me away from buying it, that face most definitely will. @.@

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