EB Games Debunks Kingdom Hearts III NX Release Rumour

A rumour circulated earlier this week surrounding a potential Kingdom Hearts III release for the Nintendo NX.

The post originally appeared on Destructoid, after an apparent listing of Kingdom Hearts III was seen on retailer EB Games Australia’s online store for on its web-store for $119.99, which was potentially a placeholder price. The price matched other games listed for the NX such as Just Dance 2017 and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Here’s the screenshot that was posted:


A Twitter user reached out to the retailer via Twitter, as there was no link to the page as a reference. EB Games responded, advising that the item was never available on their website and they suspect that ‘some amount of Photoshop was involved.’

So for now, it looks like the game will only be available on the PS4 and Xbox One, but we can only hope that this could change in the future.



    1. It doesn’t mean that KH3 won’t come to the NX it just means that either a desperate fan faked it or EB Games wasn’t suppose to leak it. Either way we’ll find out soon enough

  1. It’s a pretty easy thing to fake, takes less than 5 minutes and only a few seconds editing an image

  2. Yeah, a GOOD NX rumor finally goes around, and gets debunked (unless they’re covering their tracks). I always felt that the Kingdom Hearts games belonged on Nintendo consoles (due to the Disney, family friendly style). Like, why the heck were the only Kingdom Hearts games that appeared on Nintendo systems just handheld games? Why no major console Kingdom Hearts game? The mystery of the game industry.

    1. And to add insult to injury, instead of a Nintendo home console getting a major Kingdom Hearts game, Xbone gets one instead even though Nintendo handhelds have had a number of Kingdom Hearts games on them while Xbone hasn’t gotten none til just recently.

      1. I don’t care if you are a “paid enthusiast”, but back the fuck off my girl. She said literally nothing wrong or malicious yet you attack her for being skeptical of an obviously fake leak. No wonder why gamers don’t take Nintendo fans serious.

        1. Thanks love. Not that I really needed that defense, but it was nice of you to speak some sense into him.

          I don’t really know this Paidenthusiast bloke that much, but is he normally THIS bloody aggressive when you mention “PlayStation” on this blog?

          1. Aussie……first off I’m so sorry sweetie I had no idea that you were a girl so please don’t take what I said to you too hard. And secondly I don’t mind Playstation being mentioned it’s just that I intially thought you were coming off as a troll with how you responded. I do go hard for Nintendo so don’t take it personal it’s just me being an asshole for a gaming company that I think gets too much shit most of the time

            1. As long as you apologized, then I’m alright with it mate. I never really knew that this place had a history of Nintendo hating trolls in the past. But at least you had your reasons for feeling the way it did even if it was reactionary. No sense in taking it too personal since I’ve met my fair share of extreme fans and haters that were far less inviting (especially in the Naruto community long before I quit it). But that’s the downside of liking characters who get in the way of ships (or being in a controversial fanbase for that matter).

              That being said, the Nintendo community is going through some tough times from the competition lately because of recent events. While some criticism is warranted, I definitely feel Nintendo is a bit too overhated recently. Maybe things can change when Nintendo actually impress more folks in the future with there next console.

              1. Are some Naruto communities really that bad that people like you had to quit them? Yikes. *makes note to research any Naruto communities I might feel inclined to comment on, being a fan of the anime myself, so as to avoid dealing with the zealots of the franchise*

                1. Not really to some extent, but most anime fans agree that the Naruto fandom is toxic. I can say that if you like a certain character that some people ship that they hate (Hinata) or defend them, they aren’t all to kind. I used to be a member on the Naruto Forums back when it was first popular and it was definitely not as great back then. You had the Sakura fans saying that Hinata is overrated, ugly, slutty, a waste of character who don’t deserve Naruto, or been attacked by other aggressive Hinata fans. So I would sometimes enter discussions like these and try defending her while being civil and I happen to be a shipper at the time.

                  But these Sakura fans were volatile and had little toleration for anyone defending a “shit character” like her, some even resorted into trolling territory. This even led me to finally quitting the community and never join a forum for quite some time (Until Taka talked me back into joining communities again). I still ship to this day, but I’m just more subtle about it because of my experience with the NaruSaku fans. Even seeing the backlash against the ending and a petition to ban all Naruto products in the US over their ship being sunk, I doubt these fans really changed since my last encounter with them.

                  1. I know how that is. I’ve run into some people that apparently seem to hate the idea of Link & Zelda hooking up in a Zelda game. To the point they’ve made up some bullshit rule that the Hero can’t be with the Princess because it would interfere with the reincarnation process or something.

                    Even though I’m a fan of Sakura, even I know she was a pretty useless character starting off because of her obsession with Sasuke. But she got better over time since Naruto might have a shitload of characters but damn is their character development great in spite of it!

                    1. Speaking of Bleach, what did you think of the end?

                      I know a lot were disappointed because the ending felt cliche, or the ships were dumb (probably the salty IchiRuki shippers), or their favorite character was missing (Mostly the Grimmjow and Urahara fans). The ending ended on a good note with Ichigo and his friends living peaceful lives and how they spent the day together watching Chad partake in a boxing match. Both couples were still the same we knew them as despite being married (Rukia’s sass never left with her). Some may hate the kids, but I personally find them cute (There’s something funny about Ichigo’s son being the one to pop Yhwach’s remaining reiatsu).

                      I apologize in advance if you never really gotten that far and I spoiled the ending for you.

                    2. what!!! it’s me or I did not see the sme end as you or it’s the final movie lenght I did not see yet!!!!! the last episode 366 (I believe) I did not see ichigo’s son. Otherwise I did like the end of Bleach (anime episode) and that end does not seems to be that bad either.

                    3. I’ve only watched the anime so I don’t know much of everything after where that left off. But you’re fine. You haven’t given anything that I find to be big away. I’m more of the type that more so enjoys the journey than the final destination. Wait. Grimmjow doesn’t reappear at all in the final arc? Noooooo! D:

                    4. Grimmjow does appear in the last arc, but only for a dragged on fight with Askin next to Nel and Kisuke. Ever since, you won’t really see him again. Just the captains in 685 and Ichigo’s friends in 686.

                      We probably won’t get another anime after it was cancelled long ago. The special announcement we’ve gotten was a live action movie for 2018, which many disappointed fans though the Thousand Year Blood War would be animated. Periot got their hands on the license and they would rather milk Naruto instead of revising it (Their next anime project for the next year is another Naruto anime, probably exploring Boruto).

                    5. Just tell me one thing. Does Tia Halibel survive the manga?

                      They better convert the final arc of Bleach into a fucking anime at some point. And they better not rush it like they did with Inuyasha: The Final Act, either!

                    6. Yes, Halibel survived. She became the new leader of Hueco Mundo momentarily before the Wandenreich defeated her and held most remaining Arrancar prisoner. It’s currently unknown if she managed to escape or died after the Wandenreich’s defeat.

                      We can hope that everything else get animated with enough fan demand. A live action movie after all of this isn’t a proper consolation prize after the climax. XD

                    7. damn I like Naruto…. well I stopped at episode 300 (animes) for now and will restart downloading the rest and the last movie (not enough time to download everything I want to watch). I knew they were a lot of stupid people in the naruto comminuty but I did not know it was that bad. It’s really an eye opener if I am honest. It’s just a bloody anime and banning merchanside cause of it that bloody silly…. man can’t believe it!!!!

                  2. Speaking of backlashes over pairings, history is repeating itself with IchiRuki. There are loads of images of fans on Tumblr destroying anime CDs and tearing magazines over a damn ending. There’s a reason why even some fans want these bitches to drink bleach.

                    1. It was honestly expected. You can’t expect shippers or any die hard fans to not react that way. The IchiRuki fans are no different from the NaruSaku shippers.

        2. You need to back off too to be honest. You are even more hostile than he was. And btw, if your “girl” needs her “boy” to step up and defend her then she shouldn’t be in a comment section discussing opinions. The fact that you wouldn’t let her fight her own battles makes you seem controlling and abusive. Nobody really cares what sex you are, your just another name with an avatar. And what do you mean nobody takes Nintendo fans seriously? This is a Nintendo site you fucking dweeb! Dont like it then gtfo! lmaooo

          1. Can we all just agree that paidenthusiast was being a huge dick for no good reason & move on?

            1. Well if ain’t the bandwagon Nintendo fan. I go hard for Nintendo so of course I’m a dick sometimes but at least I don’t flip flop like you

              1. Bandwagon Nintendo fan? I remember the last time some little bitch called me that & I showed them how wrong they fucking were. Maybe if your head wasn’t so obviously so far up Nintendo’s ass, you wouldn’t have snapped at someone for simply not being a sucker like you & falling for a hoax. And then you wouldn’t have had me comment about you being a huge dick. Go be a man & apologize to aussie27 instead of being a boy & insulting people’s loyalty for Nintendo because he’s not as big of a suck up as you are being right now.

            2. Yea he was, but its silly to defend your girlfriend over such a petty comment. Let her fight her own battles. lol Just my thoughts. Plus the “gamers dont take Nintendo fans seriously” line was kind of ironic and dumb since this is a Nintendo website. Maybe if he would have said “gamers dont take Nintendo Fanboys seriously”. Then maybe I would have let it slide..

          2. Since when it is a crime to tell an asshole off for his mistake? So you think “white knighting” is forbidden around these parts or it makes me come off as an idiot? Anyways, Paidenthusiast here needs to learn a think or two about reading between the lines instead of being salty for a dead leak. And who’s to say that it’s not allowed in the first place since she said “not like she needed it”.

            I told the him off because I felt like it since things like that can’t be ignored. Just like one certain asshat getting banned from Google+ for his sudden grudge against us. Not like it really interests you since you would never see him on YouTube again.

            And that last part was meant to mean “Nintendo fanboys”, so I could have bene more clear. It definitely suits someone being volatile over a fucking rumor. Being a Nintendo site still isn’t an excuse over anything of that matter. That’s like saying Sonic fans have the right to attack Mario fans for admitting some of their games were intentionally terrible. I just don’t get the logic of the website at all.

            1. Ok, sorry I shouldnt have resorted to name calling. Im usually better than that! And yes, not many people take Nintendo fanboys seriously… Thats more accurate since most gamers are indeed Nintendo fans.

        3. I already apologized to your girl man. I was out of line so I apologize to you too. I thought she was a he trying to troll. I’ll try to be more careful next time in what I say but not to people who I feel deserve it

          1. Apology accepted. And I felt I overreacted too much as well. Similar mistakes have happened on other communities as well, hence the reaction.

            As long as you learned from it, just ignore the “reply” I gave Deepsouth since I didn’t see your newest comment.

        4. I’m not specifically defending paid enthusiast, but how would he know it was anyone’s girl? And how long gave you been on the site? When I mention my Xbox here on a strongly weighted Nintendo site, I expect a bit of backlash. I then choose to ignore it or defend my position.
          I also saw nothing to reason she was joking.

          Now, I’m not saying we should lash out at each other, but come on, this is place gets a little rough sometimes. Actually, I’ve been shocked at how reasonably tame it’s been!

          1. lol I don’t recall anyone making that claim, it’s just the color gold and black, very similar to the ALBW edition 3DS. My gold Mega Man amiibo looks really good next to the gold dualshock4. >_<

            1. Earlier in the advertising of the free gold PS4, they mentioned about how they had to melt down a bunch of gold to make the gold PS4. Hence why I asked the question. It’s meant to be a joke on that. lol

  3. *shrug* Makes no difference to me as I was planning on getting it for my PS4 regardless of whether it ends up on a Nintendo system or not.

    On the other hand, I find it funny how Nintendo handhelds have gotten a few Kingdom Hearts games that progressed the franchise’s backstories to the main games but when they finally decided to have the main games go multi-platform, Nintendo’s home consoles apparently get screwed while the Xbone is going to be getting Kingdom Hearts 3 when it releases. Yeah. Squeenix & Nintendo either still got a rift between them because of the bullshit Nintendo pulled in the past or Squeenix doesn’t want to risk their games not selling on a home console of Nintendo’s & thus lose money. Either way, sucks for Nintendo only consumers.

    1. Even though the NX won’t be shown until sept. of this year?


      “Drinks bleach and die”

      Live action movie, Kubo, you troll! lol

    2. And we don’t know any of the big 3rd parties that are making games for that system outside of Square and Ubifail.

      Hell! Even the new Monster Hunter anime is coming over here by Funimation before the anime even airs in Japan!?!

      How can you take rumors as facts when this is coming from the same guy who believes that Nintendo dropped the copyright trademark for Hyrule Warriors in the US?

      DLC is still coming out for Legends.

      So why not admit that Sony is way worse than Nintendo when it comes to BS?

      (No Legend of Legaia 3, Ape Escape 4 is long dead and unless the new gameplay for the Crash remasters are good.)

      Your Sword Art Online isn’t making me take you seriously!

      Just saying?


          1. Oh look! An idiot burning his Bleach manga collection because he didn’t get his little Ichigo/Rukia shipping ending! xD

  4. Yea, I was alwas planning to get this on my Ps4 too, no big deal honestly. Huge loss for Nintendo though. Can’t believe they wouldn’t throw a few million at the devs to lock this game down. It could really help the sales of the NX to land games like this.

              1. I wish I could still be a proud Wii U owner. But all I see when I look at it is disgust. Disgust that it’s once again using last gen tech for save data. Disgust that you need the fucking Gamepad to even use the main Wii U settings. Disgust that there isn’t an attachment or app to let me use a 3DS as a backup mini Gamepad for emergency purposes. Disgust that my save data is locked to the console & if it’s ever lost, stolen, or destroyed that all of that save data will be lost to me. Disgust that I’ll have to start from scratch with an awesome musou game where everyone’s levels go all the way up to level 250. Disgust that the marketing is total shit. And that’s enough for today. lol

              2. Oh & disgust that Miiverse is run by a bunch of dumb fucking corrupt admins that wouldn’t know how to properly investigate a report if a properly investigated report smacked them in the fucking face! Besides, I got my 3DS for Miiverse things anyway. I look forward to hanging with my fellow WWE fans on Miiverse Saturday & Sunday for NXT Takeover & WWE Summerslam respectively!

  5. And all was well in the “Kingdom Hearts III NX release rumor was debunked as a hoax” article as everyone chilled & apologized for being overzealous with their comments!

  6. ||I couldn’t care less about this, the battle above though is amusing…||

  7. Seriously though, if there was some Nintendo themed world exclusive to NX like the Mushroom Kingdom or a Zelda Universe theme , I think the NX version would sell on par with the PS4 version. It would probably sell more than the Xbox version regardless, unless… They give Sora a gun … And make it first person .

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