Video: A Group Of Fans Are Recreating The Cancelled Rare/Nintendo Game Dinosaur Planet As An Animated Series

An ambitious project to resurrect a cancelled Rare title has hit the spotlight, thanks to lost gaming researcher Liam Robertson via a new YouTube video. He explains more on the recreation of Dinosaur Planet, saying that “Dinosaur Planet was an original IP made by Rareware set for Nintendo 64, before Nintendo had them transform it into a Star Fox game, Star Fox Adventures. Years later, a group of passionate Dinosaur Planet enthusiasts are working to recapture what was lost with their own take on the cancelled game in the form of an animated web series”. If you want to learn more, feel free to check out the video down below.



  1. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is this gen’s Star Fox Adventures: instead of a new IP, the game gets converted to be part of a franchise it never should have been apart of to begin with.

      1. I’m honestly afraid to look at the sales numbers. @.@ So I definitely don’t know the opening sales.

          1. My go to source is wikipedia. In spite of what many would have you believe, wiki sites can be pretty helpful as long as no asshole changes shit to the wrong thing without a fucking source to back the change up. In other words, if something on wiki doesn’t have a source, it’s most likely bullshit. But I doubt wiki would have any actual sales up at this point since it’s only been one day.

            1. Wiki’s only real issue is not that anyone can edit a page, but the resources they you can be made up by anyone and sited as a credible site source. That’s the biggest issue.

      2. If the popularity ranking on Amazon is anything to go by (I don’t know how frequently it updates, but I have seen items jump to #1 as soon as pre-orders begin before), it’s currently 8th place for 3DS titles (behind the Pokemon Sun & Moon 2-pack, Moon, Sun, Luigi’s Mansion, X, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby) and 96th place for video games in general (though that latter section is filled with various denominations for gift cards).

  2. How the heck are “fans” able to create games these days? It’s like just anyone can make games lately. I’m always hearing about regular fans making games. I never even heard about things like that in the days of the NES and SNES.

    1. No it did, that’s why he changed it to a fox in space and subtly changed the names, so he can use the excuse of it being under parody.
      Still given how nintendo ignore copyright laws with their youtube system, it would’nt suprise me if they go after it again.

  3. If they use a different name and similar characters, it would fly under the radar. Most humans however, don’t have the sensibilities to obey copyright.

    1. To be fair, Nintendo has a bad habit of also breaking copyright. They like to spit in the face of fair use with some of their youtube policies.

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