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Disney Cancelled An Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off

There may have only been a handful of Epic Mickey games, but Disney seemingly had high hopes for the series. It recently emerged that Disney shelved an additional entry to the series starring Donald Duck, but it seems other games were also in development. While only concept art has surfaced, an Epic Mickey racing game was in the works. Named Epic Disney Racers, the game would have included many Disney favourites as characters. Concept art reveals that Mickey, Oswald the Rabbit, Cruella De Vil and Scrooge McDuck were all planned to be playable.

While Disney wouldn’t have been the first company to try their hand at a Mario Kart style racer, Epic Disney Racing certainly looks intriguing. However, with the Epic Mickey series gone, it seems unlikely this game will ever get a release.

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9 thoughts on “Disney Cancelled An Epic Mickey Racing Spin-Off”

  1. well I wouldn’t have bought it if it played like the cart minigame in Power Of Two.
    It’s really a shame that the first game kinda got tarnished by the second game wich was really mediocre
    compared to the first one. its also sad that they already set things up for epic mickey 3 to then cancel the serries.

    1. It is a shame Epic Mickey 2 was so bad compared to the original. But with Epic Mickey dead, maybe Oswald will finally appear in other Disney related stuff. I’d love to see him appear in Kingdom Hearts some day.

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  3. If it was anything like Mickey’s Speedway USA on the N64 (yeah, I played it- was a big Disney/Donald Duck buff as a kid), it could have at least been decent.

    Since they were planning other Disney characters like Cruella, I think it would have been nice to see some underrepresented movies get some love, like Milo/Kida from Atlantis or Jim Hawkings/John Silver from Treasure Planet being racers.

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