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Pokémon GO Player Wrongly Receives 24 Hour Ban

A few days ago, Niantic confirmed that they were banning Pokémon GO players who were known to be cheating. However, one dedicated trainer has received a ban despite playing legitimately. Jimmy Derocher was streaming his attempt to gain one million XP in 24 hours, when he suddenly found himself unable to catch more Pokémon. Despite Derocher not breaking any rules, Niantic’s anti-cheating measures believed he was boosting his level illegally. While he was still able to play the game, every wild Pokémon he encountered would instantly flee. The error was likely caused by Jimmy gaining more XP than Niantic thought was possible in such a short time. Derocher explains it well in his interview with Kotaku.

“Niantic Labs recently implemented an anti-botting policy becoming more well-known to players as a ‘soft-ban. More or less, the policy is a 24 hour ‘cheating prevention’ tool which stops you from getting more XP than should be possible”

Have you had any similar problems with the game? Tell us below!


15 thoughts on “Pokémon GO Player Wrongly Receives 24 Hour Ban”

  1. When I saw the thumbnail for this article, I thought it was going to be about the reason behind the writers’ decision to have Ash lose the Lumiose Conference to Alain. Kind of like Sakurai decision to cut the Ice Climbers, not bring back Wolf, and end DLC content.

    I don’t like dark secrets being kept from me.

  2. Happened to me too, i don’t know what i did but i couldn’t catch any Pokémon for a while, they just broke out the pokeball and ran away all day, Niantic better get their shit together and find a better banning system…

  3. At least it was a bot and not some prudish admin that just likes to target users for no discernible reason or false reasons (*coughcoughMiiversecough*.

    Hope a fix is applied soon, and I hope this guy’s viewers understand.

    1. Miiverse admins suck. One time there was a 3D screenshot of Risky Boots (from Shantae) -and if you know Shantae its all about fan service- someone commented ‘3d slider goes up’ on that post and I replied ‘its not the only thing that goes up’. Some admin deleted my comment and send me a mail about how my comment was inappropriate and how I broke the rules.

      1. Wow. If a child is able to figure out what you meant, it says more about the child than you. Maybe the parents should be more mindful of who their child hangs out with, be more mindful of how they themselves talk around their children, & the teachers should also keep an eye out for their students in case it’s not something they are exposed to at home but at school itself.

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