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Mario & Pac-Man Showed Up In The Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony

The 2016 Olympics in Rio have come to a close, but not before a familiar face made a surprising appearance at the Closing Ceremony. Tokyo will be hosting the next Summer Olympics in 2020. As per tradition in Olympic closing ceremonies, the current hosting country hands over the reigns of Olympic hosting over to the successor country. The successor country then “introduces themselves” to the world in a segment of their own. Japan’s segment was as follows. A skit was done where, after realizing he wouldn’t make it to Rio on time, Japanese prime minister Shinzō Abe transformed into Mario and eventually arrived in the center of the closing ceremony via a warp pipe. Abe removed his Mario costume, waved to the crowd, and then the segment ended with ended with some holographic imagery. The classic Mario victory fanfare for completing levels played when the fireworks went off at the end of the ceremony. Just the mere appearance of Mario caused Nintendo to experience a slight jump in its stocks. Even Pac-Man made a couple of cameo appearances. Feel free to check out video of the segment, along with a couple of tweets on Pac-Man and Nintendo’s stocks, down below.

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48 thoughts on “Mario & Pac-Man Showed Up In The Rio 2016 Olympics Closing Ceremony”

    1. Stupid? Just because you can’t appreciate extraordinary humans performing incredible feats while representing their nation, it doesn’t make it stupid.

      Your shows will be back on to placate you, but only after the Paralympics, which you don’t even care about and are even more extraordinary.

      1. Most sports, and ANY sorts of competitions are stupid to me. That’s my opinion. I only watch one thing on TV, and it just happens to be on channel 4. The very channel that always gets interrupted every time any event or breaking news thing happens. They cram the Olympics down everyone’s throats, as if EVERYONE cares about it. My entire family thinks it’s pointless, and a waste of air time. I suppose that’s probably why I myself feel that way too. I could say a lot more negative things about what I think about it (and go into my typical sarcasm that I’m so good at), but what’s the point? I’ve already said far too much on a Nintendo site.

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Everything you humans do is pointless, the squabbles among you little irrelevant apes even more so…||

        2. Well this is the single one that is not money based but rather talent and recognition based .
          From your response I would infer then that you and your family aren’t proud of your nation (assuming you’re US, patriotic). If so, everyone is entitled to an opinion and not like something, but you don’t have to call it stupid or throw it under the bus.

          I could also say a lot more negative things, but we all have an opinion. Just be more accepting of others views, and don’t think the world revolves around you and that everyone is against you.

          If you head out with a more positive and open attitude I can assure you you’ll find more people agreeing with you. I’m heavily sarcastic as well, but am a good listener first to know what direction to take. And I’ve agreed with you on here multiple times, hence the likes given. Thanks for your response.

    2. To be fair, the Olympics have fallen from what they once were but they’re not stupid.

      Not like live political committees between two parties that do more harm than good fighting each other- now THAT’S stupid.

    3. sorry collector, but I agree with these guys and plus they will live more healthier then me or you…disabled or not, the more they work on it, and better their bodies are unlike most of us here including me. Your shows are not too important. Good yeah depending what you watch, but no to the point to call them stupid because they are doing the right thing to their bodies which us should have been doing from the start.

      1. I’m not surprised that nobody agrees with me. Story of my life in most cases. I rarely relate to anyone, and it’s very rare that anyone ever agrees with the things I say and feel. Which is probably one of the reasons why happiness seems almost impossible for me. It’s hard to be happy in a world where most of my opinions are in the minority. (- _ -)
        Good thing I’m single. Even my girlfriend would probably be arguing with me all the time. Hehe

        1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

          ||Probably your own ignorance that stops you from meddling with others, you are not the center of this universe, world nor species, you’re not even the center of your area…||

            1. No you don’t, you have opinions and the right to be whoever you want. I happen to agree with lots of things you say here. The Olympics are great for what it is, but really it’s just a huge pissing contest.

              1. So do I, I don’t hate you for your opinions, sometimes I do say something to your words like now, but I don’t hate for it…cuss I may do, tell you why you might be wrong, etc but I don’t hate you for it. Now what I DO…hate is stupid shits that keep badmouthing for long periods of time. I few I can handle or if I see them doing good I will say something to that user. Like stupid trolls, fanboys/fangirls at certain companies. Maybe once in a great while I do get pissed at people here for those comments but I have to force myself to look at it another way and could be right like a few of your comments. Its rare for me to even say something to you about those anyways but I don’t hate you for it because your being honest about it. I just disagree to what you say at times like on this.

    4. You should be thankful for the Olympics. It’s a way to show spirit for your country without going to war over stupid reasons. In fact, if we’re lucky, one day we’ll use the Olympics to settle all disputes instead of going to war & killing each other.

      1. A pipe dream if ever there was one, I’m afraid. This means there would be competition on a weekly basis- if not daily- instead of every four years, and I know most countries won’t want to wait four years to negotiate trade and border agreements.

  1. The most iconic video game character of all time (Mario) and one of Japan’s most popular anime characters (Doraemon) appearing onscreen together for the first time in history?

    I never thought I would actually see this happen. Guess Doraemon finally hitting the US actually paid off.

  2. Overall I find it stupid to sit in front of the TV cheering for people busting their asses for glory and their careers when you can go train yourself. Olympics is a facade that doesn’t include the not so fortunate in the country anyway, so why should anybody give a damn.

    1. encouragement to do it yourself, thats why. Think about it, most people don’t have the will to do it…so they watch others do it to get some…doesn’t always work for most but to some, they do. Not to mention future kids have a dream to do this and watch how its done to start themselves…think of it the other way and not for you are thinking of it.

    2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Many of these human competitors come from areas you would describe as being pointless to do anything about it…||

  3. The Japanese show was the best fucking thing that happened during the olympic ceremonies. The opening and closing ceremonies were so bad and full of “Save the earth and peace for the world” SJW excrements that it was unwatchable!

  4. But that’s not all, a shit ton of other Japanese icons will appear in the 2020 Olympics. Monkey D. Luffy, Son Goku, Sailor Moon, Jibanyan, Naruto Uzimaki, Astro Boy, Shin Chan, and the Pretty Cure cast will be there. There may be some glaring omissions like Pikachu, but we’ll know for sure if these are the final mascots for the next Olympics event.

    SickR should be reporting on that soon since I’ve sent an inbox message about it.

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