Nintendo Has Partially Sold Ownership Of The Seattle Mariners For $661,000,000

It’s official now, Nintendo has partially sold their ownership of the Seattle Mariners. Nintendo will still receive 10% of their original share after selling 45% of their 55% majority shares for 661 million US dollars. Negotiations for the deal had begun back in late-April. However, things were only finalized as of today. The official Nintendo document announcing the sale says that “we expect that it will take some time to calculate and confirm the impact of this sale to the Company’s consolidated financial performance”.



  1. I live near Seattle, so I’m a Mariners fan. I hope that this won’t negatively effect the team or local economy in anyway. Sometimes when a team is sold to another company, especially if it’s not a local company, the teams performance and the local revenue gained can be effected.

  2. The question is why selling a good investment(if it’s a good investment) ? Either the team is not performing as Nintendo would like and don’t bring enough money or Nintendo needs a lot of money (which I doubt since the pokemon Go give them enough money at the minute)..

  3. Either they sold many of their shares because the team was bad & didn’t win a lot of games or they sold their shares because, in spite of the money from Wii, Nintendo needed the money for some reason.

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