A New Mario Statue Now Sits At The Bergsala HQ In Kingsbacka, Sweden

A brand new Mario statue has gone up in front of the Bergsala HQ in Kungsbacka, Sweden. The street is on is Marios Gata 21, which was named in honor of Mario. The new statue was added to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary.

This was the statue before:


This is the statue now:




          1. ||Indeed it is, welcome to The First Order, we shall rise again…||

    1. ||They were found guilty of Xbotamination, they were purged right after this photo was taken, along with the picture taker of course…||

    1. ||There is another opening as a disciple under my command if you are against everything Xbot related…||

        1. ||Phil Spence is their leader, he’s the worst even though he is a worthy enemy compared to his predecessors…||

              1. I’d rather have Phil Spencer than some tool that should have stayed at Pizza Hut where he belonged. I’ll even take Shuhei Yoshida of Sony if given the choice.

          1. I’ve been working as a «journalist» somw years now. I’m fully aware of our enemy, Commander. I’ll keep the surveillance active for now, Sir.

              1. I have been to the Norwegian Microsoft Secret Base once. At that time they were a mess. Nowadays I think they are going to push Xbotters over to PC, Sir.

                1. ||Good, keep me posted about the PC Master Race enslavement of the Xbots…||

  1. ||My power will continue to grow, this is a warning to the Xbots, you will be targeted for termination wherever I am…||

  2. Bergsala HQ is pretty much Scandinavias equivalence to Nintendo of Europe. They distribute all Nintendo games in the Nordic markets, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland. Possibly Iceland. Funny how they left that out of the article.

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