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Pokemon GO Has Made Over $440 Million Worldwide

The latest Pokemon GO data from Sensor Tower is out. the game has exceeded $440 million in gross worldwide revenue on the App Store and Google Play. Pokémon GO has made more than $440 million in gross worldwide revenue on the App Store and Google Play. Niantic’s net revenue from the app is now at than $308 million so far, so this isn’t even the final amount yet. Sensor Tower also compares the worldwide revenue to major movie releases. Pokemon GO has done so well with worldwide revenue, it has made more money than Warcraft, Independence Day 2, the Angry Birds movie and the Ghostbusters reboot. Feel free to see the chart below, which shows the full comparison data.

Pokémon GO continues to earn more than $4 million in daily worldwide net revenue, despite the app not yet being available in countries such as India and China. Pokemon GO has surpassed 180,000,000 worldwide downloads in its first two months on the App Store and Google Play. Sensor Tower estimates that the app has been “installed on more than 12 percent of all active U.S. smartphones at some point”. As of August 30, the average amount of time spent in the game daily by active U.S. players on iOS is 32 minutes, which Sensor Tower notes is largely unchanged from the amount on launch week. According to Sensor Tower, it remains the “highest grossing mobile game in the U.S., and it still occupies a top-five spot for mobile game downloads on the App Store and Google Play”.




  1. The fact that they are making sequel to the Angry Birds Movie is disgusting. It’s going to be the new Ice Age at this rate.

      1. You should watch it, Its pretty funny. The premise is the same as the game so its not a huge surprise, but it is pretty intertaining. Its not a disney quality movie but far from a bad movie. The only ones that I hear hating it are the kids that hate for the sake of hating.

        I definitely recomend it.

  2. They’re seriously comparing to the Ghostbusters reboot? That movie failed in the box office, even though Sony spent 100 Million on it. And it got over a million bad reviews. What does that say? I knew it’d be terrible anyways. They basically took a rod and violated the original.

  3. And not a dime out of that came from me, lol and im lvl31 caught 142, you don’t always have to pay to play..

  4. I honestly feel bad that this poorly-managed, shell of a game is generating almost a half a billion dollars, yet many actually good games are going by unnoticed.

  5. Ghostbusters 2016 being a box office flop shows the world is still full of misogynists & women haters. Least that’s what the fucktards white knighting that abomination are using as a defense for why that movie failed at the box office. I’ve heard of some really crazy excuses for a failure before but that one really takes the cake. xD

    Sorry. This was totally off topic. Quick! I need a distraction! Here’s Mudvayne’s song “Happy?”. Enjoy!

      1. Oh? So if someone is inspired to save the world by donating money to protect rainforests because of the movie FernGully: The Last Rainforest, are you gonna tell them they shouldn’t because “it’s just a movie.”? Or how about the thousands of inspirational movies based in fiction? Gonna tell them not to continue living (or whatever the inspirational movie is trying to inspire someone to do) because the thing that inspired them to do so is “just a movie.”? But I don’t expect someone that can’t feel any real connection to fictional stories to understand why people like me are pissed with that filthy wannabe Ghostbusters movie.

        If you have felt any real connection to a fictional story in spite of it being “just a movie,” you should be able to understand why we’re pissed if that movie you felt a connection with ever got a remake that utterly shit on the foundation the original was built upon.

        Speaking of, I dread the day Mrs. Doubtfire gets a reboot! *shudders*

        1. I don’t like the new Ghostbusters movie. I thought they could of picked better female actors for the part. I’m attached to star wars but you know what I’m not outraged because of the prrquels. It is just a movie. I didn’t create it so it can be made anyway the creators want it to be made. I’ll choose to watch it if I like it and don’t watch it if I don’t like it. I’ll not going to obsess over it and allow it to take over my life. Inspiration is suppose to give you hope and belief. What you do after being inspired once is up to you.

      1. ||And also represents how low humans have fallen in their irrelevant nature as well…||

      2. I’m gonna assume your comment isn’t directed at me, per se, but the idiots that are using that flaming pile of shit of an excuse to defend Shitbusters.

        Anyway, now to just wait for the DVD, Bluray, & Digital sales to do abysmally! :D

  6. Those movies are small fries. How does Pokemon Go stack up against Captain America: Civil War? That’s a real contender. Comparisons aside though, Pokemon Go seems to be pretty successful.

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