Nintendo’s Stock Has Gone Up 25% After Apple’s Conference

Nintendo has had its stocks increase drastically since the Apple conference. The company’s stocks have increased between 24% and 30%, the latter of which has been the peak. The day isn’t quite over yet for the stocks in Tokyo, so there is no question that this percentage will continue to shift back and forth for a while longer. Still, Nintendo’s stocks have been on a wild ride in the past few months, and this is yet another contributor.



  1. ||25% is equal to 1/4, which contains the number 4, which can also mean Quad, meaning Quadraxis, leading to my victories for Nintendo…||

    ||My logic is undeniable…||

      1. ||Considering they are only Luminothian cattle worshipers, they never had and never will…||

    1. Your MATH is undeniable, but once Nintendo is done getting in bed with everyone you’ve claim as an enemy, I’d upgrade your firewall to protect you from STDs.

      1. ||The First Order has other plans than losing to irrelevant filth like them…||

      1. in other words the price for their company stocks which you pay money into just got higher, that when you turn around and sell…say like it was 26 dollars before and now its doubled…depending on how many you own from them and now double cash for you if you sell now…say like you have 100 stocks and the price is now 52 dollars a piece…you sell all 100 stocks for 52 dollars a stock. That’s nearly 300 to 400 dollars just for a small stack.

  2. This just occurred to me: This was Nintendo’s way of getting in on a big tech announcement day without having to do an NX reveal. To boot, they’re one of today’s top stories.

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