Video: First Trailer For Super Mario Run

The first Mario game for iOS was announced earlier today. While Super Mario Run isn’t launching on iOS till December, you can watch the first footage from the game now. This trailer was tweeted by Apple’s App Store Twitter account and gives a good idea of what the game will be like. Do you like what you see? Tell us below.


    1. ||Little one, you’d probably die in seconds by overheating because of how much I know about Nintendo and everything else that is relevant…||

  1. When a did Mario learn parkour? I’ll admit, he is pretty good at rolling over those goombas and doing all of his little flips. But he still can’t jump high. He’ll never beat me on a that. :D

    1. Whilst what you said isn’t wrong, you should know that reusing assets means that they barely put any time into this.
      It’s irrelevant.

        1. I wasn’t talking about it either.
          The fact of the matter is, there was no effort put into this and that can be a good or bad thing depending on your point of view. It’s nothing to them; the only new thing in this game is a couple of animations.
          If people will pay money for this, then let them play their garbage tapping games. Nintendo has basically made it clear that they will not put a full game on smartphone (at least yet).

          1. “And that can be a good or a bad thing depending on your point of view”
            If you can’t discern my point of view, what are you even trying to say?

            “Nintendo has basically made it clear that they will not put a full game on smartphone”
            Yeah, that’s kind of the fucking problem I have. They keep half-assing everything they do.

            1. I meant to expand on that.
              It’s not an inherent issue that they aren’t taking up their time with the stuff unrelated to the next console. I don’t think cash-grabs are a problem.

              “They keep half-assing everything they do”
              That’s a bit of a stretch, isn’t it? When was the last time you saw them put so much effort into a single game (Breath of the Wild)? I too am upset at the recent blunders, but those aren’t due to a lack of effort.

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                    1. ||Logical, the aesthetics have always been civilian enticement…||

                    2. ||True, however, you have to take a new common denominator that in recent times have started to rise, namely the new generation of scientists that created Splatoon and now Breath of the Wild…||

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  2. So it’s an Apple Exclusive? Also, you know damned well there will be Paid content.

    “After $40 of paid content, you will be playing the full version of Super Mario Brothers 2!… Again!! Hahaha”

    1. It’s a timed exclusive as Nintendo has already confirmed that it’s coming to Android in the near future and yes there should be a price tag considering how this game looks better than a vast majority of the mobile games that are out there. I’m not really big on mobile games but I’m very interested in this

      1. Ah cool. Thanks. I’ll check it out on Android when it arrives then! (but not paying one more cent for a game I’ve bough countless times! :] )

      1. So then why do I see “includes in-app purchases”? Also, I checked the event and I don’t remember them saying that you don’t have to pay again (unless I missed it).

        1. I thought I heard it, but could be wrong. I thought he said something about how he wanted it to be good for all ages so they would make just one purchase to buy the game. I may have taken it out of context though.

              1. Personally, I see it as DLC then anything else. Of course, it remains to be seen, but until I see otherwise, I’m just going to assume that that’s what we’re going to see.

        1. Doesn’t mean it can’t be hard. Ever play Rayman Fiesta Run? There aren’t a lot of inputs for that game either, but damn, you have to be precise about when you tap that screen.

          Now, for a platformer, you might have concerns about the game’s DEPTH, and for that I can’t really reassure you. Rayman iOS games are fun, but they’re no substitute for their console equivalents long-term.

      1. well from what they showed… i mean… it looks like it auto runs and you just tap the screen to jump…hence the question.. is this it? if theres more going on, then they should have showcased it cause this is not appealing to me. but if thats what people are into

        1. If this is anything like what my wife played years ago where she played a unicorn or whatever that ran on it’s own where she had to either hit or hold down a single key herself to make it jump while also avoiding hazards, no, this game will not be as easy as it sounds.

  3. Geez, they will be using the New series’ art direction and mechanics — that’s the WORST decision they could have had as NSMB and NSMBU are pale and uninspired renditions of what 2D Mario games used to be.

    1. Well it is a mobile game and they’re trying to attract new and seasoned gamers with this title. It’s going sell big regardless of the backlash it’s getting

        1. I agree that it would have been nice to rework the “2D” Mario aesthetic, but didn’t Miyamoto say that they will end it soon or with the next console iteration anyway, so this is likely the last hurrah for this art style. If the game play has been altered, which appears to be the case with the three types of gameplay and the rolling and what not we see, then that will be welcomed for the first dip in to mobile for Mario.

      1. I’m not against the move, Paid — truth be told, I think it’s a great approach to increase Nintendo’s mindshare. What I’m against is the art direction of the game: I just hate the New series.

        But… That’s me.

        1. ||No you’re not, besides, the Mobile Infantry’s sole purpose however, is to gather resources exclusively, that’s all…||

    1. That shows how shallow the New series is: two home console titles whose experience can be 100% replicated on smartphones.

  4. It sounds like investors, at least, believe this will be successful.

    I don’t know how to feel about this. By itself, it’s absolutely not a bad thing. Mario is very well represented on the real consoles, so I’m not about to get all pissed off that he’s on mobile, too. Heck, I might even buy this if the price is right.

    The problem is, what will Nintendo’s reaction be if this succeeds? Will the revenue embolden them to take risks and develop more expensive games? Or will they use mobile as a crutch and divert their resources toward cheap little iOS games that guarantee them quick cash?

    Best case scenario is that, through exposure and success, Nintendo becomes more relevant to gamers in general, not just diehard fans, and once again gets taken seriously by the community as a whole. Worst case scenario is that Nintendo goes full Konami and drops support for major releases in favor of popcorn games like this. Two very different outcomes, obviously, so for a Nintendo fan, this news should be a bit nerve-wracking.

    Of course, there may also be no long-term effects whatsoever; could be a one-and-done situation. We’ll see.

    1. I look at this as more of a cheap way to get into the Apple conference and thus bringing more media and consumer attention for their mainline games and systems. I mean this game could not have been more than 3-6 guys working 6-18 months (and that’s stretching it). I doubt Nintendo would start completely relying on other systems and their market performance for their whole line up though. Now if only they could reveal the NX to get the benefits from this partnership.

  5. wonder/hope if they will they will add this mechanic to Mario Maker, before anyone slates me yes I know auto scroll is kind of similar but not the same plus I imagine it would be any easy update that could be added without much issue. Also if you could access Runner style levels made on the Wii U via the iOS game it may help shift a few more wii u’s over Christmas.

  6. The “New” artstyle? Really!? I know this is a mobile game so they don’t want to put much effort into it but they couldn’t have used Super Mario World’s artstyle converted into 3D? Wait, no. Scratch that. I don’t want that beloved artstyle tied to a casual game. Anyway, if I was ever going to get this game by any chance on a tablet or smartphone, I definitely won’t now because that trailer was only around 30 seconds long & I’m already bored and tired of hearing about this mobile game.

    1. With that said, maybe them using the “New” artstyle shouldn’t make us angry but happy that they will use what is already considered a shallow Mario series to begin with for this game. This could be the proverbial blessing in disguise.

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