A Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event Is Coming Exclusively To Select US Theaters On October 15th

A special one-day event is occurring at theaters nationwide in the US for Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie. It will be taking place on October 15th at 11:00am local time and run for one hour and 40 minutes. Attendees will receive a Hovernyan Yo-kai medal, which will be only available to people who attend the event.  The medal is compatible with Hasbro’s new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero toy. It will also have a QR code on the back, which you can scan for your Yo-Kai Watch 2 games on Nintendo 3DS to unlock “a special reward”. Attendees will also get to see “special never-before-seen content exclusive to movie theatres”.


Thanks, Big Nintendo News


  1. As much as I’m trying to break away from the Yo-kai Watch hype, I hate the thought of missing out on a ONE TIME ONLY event. Even if it is based on an underwhelming alternative to Pokemon (which has been putting more emphasis on Mega Evolution and Alola variants than over 100 new Pokemon lately, followed by nothing in 2015: the same year Yo-kai Watch came to America).

    Of course if I’m schedule to work that day by the October season, I may have to miss it altogether. It’s sad that I have to put effort into a franchise I hardly care about, but have some history with (saw all of season 1, and up to date on season 2, plus the first Yo-kai Watch game, still unopened).

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