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Microsoft Unpublishes NES Emulator Due To Attempted Xbox One Validation

It was always a case of will or won’t the NES emulator come to the Xbox One and now it appears as though Microsoft have put their foot down and have unpublished the emulator. The application has now been pulled from the store. It was taken down as it was submitted as an application for the Xbox One which would have seen Xbox owners having a variety of Nintendo Entertainment System games in the palms of their hands. If it had been published there would certainly have been legal trouble between the two companies. Here’s Microsoft’s application guidelines for the Xbox One.

Apps that are targeted to Xbox One and are primarily gaming experiences must be approved through the ID@Xbox Program.


Thanks to Ridley Slayer and the others who sent this in.

74 thoughts on “Microsoft Unpublishes NES Emulator Due To Attempted Xbox One Validation”

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            1. You could actually learn the language and still bad mouth. I never did but I heard of someone who could. That game was quite fun until the Panda Bears. Thats when I quit. Of all the themes and ideas they could have used for an expansion, they chose to use Kung Fu Panda Bears… And remember this was around the same time as the kids movie “Kung Fu Panda” released… It was really the beginning of the end for WoW. Now if you log on it’s a completely different game, and the assholes at Blizzard shut down the last vanilla WoW server.

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            1. Haha I love that episode. But it wasn’t actually on my mind when I typed my comment. I was thinking more of the public service announcements they used to do. The Family Guy one is always good for a laugh though. Poor Canadians haha.

      2. From everyone ive ever asked, they have no idea what it means, its just another substitute for lol, or lulz, although lulz actually has a meaning (stupid, but it has a meaning nonetheless) it was just people using it for the sake of being different.

  1. Nintendo Sub-Commander Cereza

    Yeah, I’m so sure. Someone hit the APPROVE button and the application was up for over 24 hours. The simple fact that NESbox Emulated NES, Super NES, Sega Genisis, Gameboy, GBC,GBA… AND IT STILL PASSED. It’s quite trashy. let us futher our efforts to be rid of this corporate garbage,

        1. Roms actually are illegal. When you download a rom you are downloading copywrited material, that in some cases companies still own and use to make money. Even in the case of a defunct developer that no longer exists, that content still belongs to that entity, and unless you purchase it in some way from a licensed party that has permission to sell it, you’re breaking the law, and so is the party supplying it to you. Thats the reason copywrite law exists, so other parties cant streal your content or product and sell it themselves. Its your intellectual property, there for if someone else is profiting directly from it, its illegal.

          1. Its the equivalent of breaking into someone elses goldmine and taking their gold. Sure, you found it when no one was looking, that doesnt make it yours. Your still a thief.

          2. Illegally downloaded roms are illegal. Backup roms arents. There’s a difference. I understand that the majority of people that use roms are doing so illegally, but calling all roms illegal is just incorect.

            1. Sure, you’re right. But lets get real here, what percentage of gamers using roms have a paid version of the game already? I would guess its somewhere between 1 to 5 percent. Usually if your downloading a rom its because you dont own the hardware to play it, and dont care to spend the money to own it legitimately.

              1. That still own it? Yes i would say maybe around 1-5 percent. But the ammount that have owned those games in the past, i would say its a lot higher.

                Dont get me wrong. I still agree with you, most people dont own these games, im just clarifying that not ALL roms are illegal. Hell, technically all downloaded roms are illegal since said person downloading them did not dumped them, but thats just it, a dumped rom isnt illegal. Because the only way to dump them, is to own the game.

            1. It’s not illegal to emulate, trust me. The loophole is creating your own ROMs. Only the acquisition or distribution is illegal. It’s like burning music onto a computer, it is legal until you distribute files for money or otherwise.

  2. I’ll be the one to say it (clears throat) “Emulators are for poor people who can’t afford VC” and “Emulators are for people who don’t want to give their money to support Nintendo” The End :) (Ok now let’s hear people scold me for my sayings, come at me PC master race supporters!!!!! Lets GO!!!!

    1. I agree and also disagree. I have no problem paying for VCs but I do have a problem when I am forced to buy a damn game over and over and over again just to play it on a certain platform. I paid for the original game. I paid for the rom of the game. I paid for the console.

      VCs are nothing but roms in a wrapper. I’ve injected plenty of games into my own VCs. There are also a lot of games that are not even released. I am also super tired of their stupid release schedule.

      1. Its funny, i hate having to buy these games over and over again, but I own a few nintendo games for multiple consoles, in multiple form. Yet the moment i decide to play that same game on my pc because I want to play it on 1080p, im called poor lol. So i know what you mean by buying these games so many times.

    2. I prefer emulating some ROMs over playing them on the Wii U or 3DS. Some VC games have lag, on a decent computer that doesn’t happen. Also, I can play DoubleDash in HD, which is pretty nice. I honestly think Nintendo needs to hire the creators of emulators like the Dolphin to work with them on the Virtual Console.

      1. i do have to agree with nintendo hiring people who crated the dolphin emulator, the wii u desperately needs gcn games on the vc library and tbh im not sure if the nx will have gcn games on it. if nintendo does notwant to bother with gcn vc then they should just make ports of gcn games, they don’t need to be hd ports/remakes, just straight up ports on discs.

  3. To be honest i have a nes emulator for at least 15 years and it has been going for even longer. I don’t have an issue to see an emulator on PC or Nintendo consoles but Sony or Microsoft console it’s taking the micky.

  4. So it was taken down because it was submitted as an application when it should have went through as gaming software?
    They submitted it through the wrong channel?

      1. im a pirate why would i be sad lol i can get any 3ds and wii u game for free on my hacked consoles (dlc included) and even play online without risk of ban. people who spends thousands of dollars on games are the ones who should be sad.

  5. “It was always a case of will or won’t the NES emulator come to the Xbox One”. No, it wasn’t! Publishing software on your own system that is intended to pirate games is illegal! I always said that it’s not going to happen.

  6. my guess is that microsoft does not want to ruin their business friendship with nintendo and took matters in their own hand before nintendo does anything about it. the only way xbox one can have an emulator for nintendo systems (nes/snes) is if both nintendo and microsoft come to an agreement and then a 3rd party can submit said emulator to have microsoft publish (nintendo licencing to microsoft) it. am i against piracy? no. am i for piracy? no but that depends if a company does stupid things like ‘always online’ for single player *coughsimscough*. there is no harm in asking nintendo to have an nes emulator on xbox one, the worst that can happen is that they say ‘no’ or ‘not planning to do that at this time’.

  7. I had expected this, so it doesn’t surprise me that it got taken down…
    Legal issues came to their mind as soon as it got approved…
    Makes me wonder sometimes if they don’t meassure their actions…🤔

      1. Lol. Ok. So why Microsoft and Rare wont put Banjo Kazooie on Nintendo and make finances off that then? When they know both companies need the money? See how stupid you sound?

    1. It’s the principal. Why should Microsoft fans play NES games on Xbox yet Nintendo fans cant play old Nintendo 64 exclusives on Nintendo consoles still? Thats why. Fair is fair. Now if they announced the Banjo Games and Diddy Kong Racing and Conker for Eshope while NES games from Xbox. Then no problem. But Rare is what made N64 cool and N64 on Eshope is naked since Rare left Nintendo.

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