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Splatoon Receives Update 2.12

It would seem as though Nintendo is continuing to support its brilliant online shooter Splatoon. The colourful title has just been updated to version 2.12. It’s not a major update but is a small update which sees the following changes being implemented:

Multiplayer Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue which mistakenly allowed Sprinklers to be placed inside the Tower in Tower Control.

Stage Adjustments

  • Kelp Dome: Fixed an issue in all game modes that allowed players to move inside the raised starting platforms.


11 thoughts on “Splatoon Receives Update 2.12”

  1. They should REALLY add additional sea snails for each level gain instead of making them close to impossible to obtain, especially for the people who got the game AFTER Splatfest. Its the only thing holding me back from playing this game (no motivation/rewards).

      1. 30 matches is still 90 minutes MINIMUM for a single snail if you do turf war. That doesn’t even include time for match making, which is slow these days.

        Honestly what I’d like for them to do is add either an option to pay extra for 2 guaranteed skills being the same, or pay extra to modify a single slot to whatever you like. The gear system game is incredibly flawed because people are spending more time trying to get good gear than they are trying to learn the game. I’ve played over 1500 hours now and I have somewhere around 18 gear pieces with a triple last I counted. Some are even less fortunate than that like my friend Juan who has owned the game since day one and STILL has no triple rolls. That’s a lot of time to waste just to have an outfit that serves your weapon well.

        1. I got a triple one time without the use of a snail, and triples are only worth one main anyways, I think you’re worrying to much about your gear stats in an obsessive manner. Sometimes I don’t even worry about the gear stats and I just try to look fresh, and I still do just as good at the game. I’ve been playing the game since day one and have only missed two splatfests, and ended up with about 150 snails. I currently have around 135 or so, my point is I really don’t use the snails all that much. Just have fun playing the game and don’t worry about gear stats, my advice is to try to use your coin to buy all the gear first and then worry about stats later, at the point you’ll probably have a nice little stash of snails. The use the snails to mess with the stats on your freshest looking gear, that’s what I like to do anyways, I think it’s more fun that way.

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