Video: GameXplain Did A Hands-On Preview Discussion Of Paper Mario: Color Splash

GameXplain has uploaded a new discussion video on their YouTube channel. The video is related to Paper Mario: Color Splash. According to the video’s description, “Nintendaan has received his review copy of Paper Mario: Color Splash and he joins us to give his impressions so far”. So, if you’re still undecided about the game, this video may help. If you want to, feel free to check out the video embedded down below.



  1. Did that one guy just say Treehouse only has different variations of good work with no bad? *right eye twitch* Well I’m stopping at that point with this video. The rest of the video has been made irrelevant with that line.

    1. Treehouse has always been as joke ever since Xenoblade Chronicles came out in America for the Wii.

      This is nothing new?

    2. Also, if you watched the “WHORE” fucking video.

      Even the users on that video have said that it sucks donkey balls!

      Why do people stop watching videos after a minute?

      I know clickbait is bad?

      But DUDE!

      Even I know the game will suck! But I don’t stop the video based on a few minutes of “GameXplain likes PM: CC now!”


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