US: Here’s The Best-Selling Video Games And Hardware For August 2016

It’s that time of the month when the NPD Group reveals sales data for video game releases in the United States. The best-selling game last month was Madden NFL 17 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Talking of the Xbox One it was the best-selling video game system last month. You can check out the top ten best-sellers, below.

  1. Madden NFL 17
  2. No Man’s Sky
  3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  4. Grand Theft Auto V
  5. Overwatch
  6. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops III
  8. Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  9. Minecraft
  10. Destiny: The Taken King



          1. These people are probably the same ones reporting people for not staying on topic in Miiverse or reporting comments that dare have the term PlayStation 4, or whatever other term that isn’t related to Nintendo, in their comments and/or posts. There’s probably rabid Nintendo fanboys on Nintendo Life that do the same. *shrug* Oh well. Not my problem.

    1. Idiot. Sickr posts the US charts every month. If there are no Nintendo games, well, too bad for Nintendo, and you’ll have to deal with it.

    1. Sadly the only info we have is that the Xbox One was the best-selling hardware. Hopefully we will get a PR through with Nintendo numbers, but that doesn’t always happen.

    1. Well, to be fair there hasn’t been any good games lately. The last game I bought was Doom. Before that Dark Souls 3. The next game I’m getting will be tomorrow when I pick up Dragon Quest 7… So yea.

  1. Yay! FedshitForce is nowhere in the top 10! Let’s hope it’s even further down the totem pole of games sold in the US! Preferably at the very bottom! I want to say it shouldn’t be on the sales list AT ALL but I sadly know the game has been selling some in the US since there are quite a few users on the Miiverse community that have played the game.

    1. I was very against Federation Force when it was announced, mainly the art style and console choice, but now that I’ve played it, the game is very fun and very much Metroid. I still don’t like the big headed Marines, and the Mechs are pretty pointless, but the overall appearance, while a bit more cartoony, is certainly in the style of Metroid Prime. The game plays fantastic. Probably the best shooter controls I’ve played on a handheld, and I really encourage people to give it a chance. So stop with your FedshitForce nonsense. For the sake of Metroid’s future, this game needs to at least be recognized as a good game in terms of fun factor and gameplay. Art direction can certainly be criticized, but Nintendo needs to know that we want the continuation of Metroid Prime, but in a more “mature” setting.

      1. Well there’s not any exploration, and that goes against every Metroid game ever released. Also the level design is intended for multi-player, which makes the single player experience very weak. The game is too difficult and too grindy when playing single player. Thats not very much like Metroid either. I’m with you though, the game isn’t THAT bad, but in all honesty it’s nothing like Metroid. I don’t know why nintendo even makes these multiplayer focused games. Who in the hell has three friends that all own 3ds’s and all want to play Federation Force? The answer is nobody. Nobody does, so why design the game that way? It deserves low sales just to get Nintendo away from silly multiplayer focused games.

        1. Well first of all its a spin off game. Just as Hyrule Warriors is a spin off game, but they kept the art style right so people liked it more. And you don’t need to have friend that own the game to have fun with it. The online co op works extremely well. While I agree the single player can feel a little grindy, I still enjoy it and it works well. I welcome the difficulty because it reminds me that this game was intended for Metroid fans and an older audience.

      2. I gave Other M a chance because it was fun & look where that got us: FedshitForce. So I won’t give it a chance because it’s “fun.” Did that once with Super Paper Mario, too, and ever since, we got nothing but shallow entries in the Paper Mario franchise. So fuck giving chances to this abomination! Nintendo will just ignore the negativity because it sold & just continue the bullshit. If you don’t like what I’m saying, tough shit. No one is making you read my comments. And if Nintendo stops making Metroid because this retarded spin off NO ONE asked for fails, it will just show how petty Nintendo has become.

        1. Why not give Nintendo constructive criticism instead of just saying it’s shit. Go watch the Game Explain video on the new Paper Mario game. They’re giving it a lot of praise and saying that theyve fixed the past issues. I for one really enjoyed Other M. Sure it had its issues, but the overall game was great and it took elements from older games. And yes I agree, Nintendo has become rather petty and are making a lot of stupid choices as of lately, but freaking out like an entitled 13 year old that just learned a new swear word isn’t going to help. You’ll just be dismissed by any Nintendo rep looking for honest opinions on the game.

          1. If Nintendo can’t handle harsh criticism, they are in the wrong type of business as the entertainment industry can be very harsh.

        2. Objectively, Other M did not have anything to do with Federation Force at all. You are just being stupid because you did not like neither game. I for one liked Other M’s gameplay, as it was really cool. Haven’t played Federation Force yet, but looking foward to it.

          1. Maybe so but I’m still never giving the abomination a chance. God Himself could declare it the best game ever & I still wouldn’t touch it.

          1. I know. Which is why I’m never buying the game as actions speak louder than words. If it results in Nintendo canning Metroid, it’s not our fault Nintendo are just petty assholes trying to get even with us for daring to not buy something we obviously hate and they apparently think was SO FUCKING GREAT instead of trying to correct the issues people had with the last entry in a franchise because they are too egotistical & prideful to say “We thought you’d like it but we were wrong. We are so sorry. We’ll try to do better next time & listen to your feedback, regardless of how negative it is because we realize you guys have been feeling railroaded by our ego & think you’d just buy & love whatever we throw at you so you react in such a vitriolic way out of fatigue for our complete lack of not actually taking your feelings into account.” Instead, they’d rather pull a fucking George Lucas & go all “It’s mine! I’ll do whatever I damn well please! Fuck you, fans, the very people that made me a millionaire because of how well the originals were! I have a vision! I don’t care if you guys are the reason my story is able to continue & get shown to the rest of the world!” blah blah blah! If you’re gonna have that kind of mentality with your creation, you’re best off just keeping it to yourself & never making it available to the public.

    2. ||Everyone that bought it regardless of territory must be hunted down and destroyed…||

      ||There is no room for the weak…||

      1. There sure have been a number of people coming here to defend FedshitForce, too. They must be coming from Nintendo Life & Miiverse.

    1. I’d be even more excited if NPD didn’t group ports of the same game into one category, though.

      (There, comment! Now you are where you belong, damn it!)

  2. With so much hype for Overwatch, I’m actually tempted to buy the game and take it for a spin. I don’t really discriminate on shooters since some of my favorites include Killzone, Goldeneye, Doom, Halo, Splatoon, Team Fortress 2, Half Life, Call of Duty, Splinter Cell, and Ratchet & Clank (I know that it has platforming and exploration elements, but it still counts).

    1. It’s good, and the community (for the most part and outside of competitive play) is supportive. There’s a character for every playstyle, so you’re sure to find someone you’ll like. And it’s always a nice feeling when you get Play of the Game (a feature that shows one player’s best ten seconds in a match that either eliminated a bunch of players, made a move that turned the tide of battle, or made effective use of an Ultimate- it is shown to all players who participated in the match).

      Plus, they’re adding new heroes and maps constantly- the stealth character Sombra is expected to be added by the end of next month.

      Highly recommended.

      1. “There’s a character for every playstyle,…” So there’s a melee fighter/samurai type playstyle character? :O

        1. Well, yes- Genji. He is armed with Shuriken, gets a deflection move that reflects all incoming shots/projectiles (only a few exceptions), and has a dash move that does damage and is useful for quickly closing distance from enemies or escaping unfavorable situations. His ultimate is Dragonblade, where he takes his sword and hacks and slashes away at enemies, capable of killing most non-tank heroes in two hits; he is limited to melee attacks for the full 6 seconds the Ultimate lasts. He can also double jump and can scale walls.

          Or if you want strictly melee, you can play Reinhardt, a tank hero with massive armor and an even bigger hammer. He has a charge attack and his only ranged attack is a fireball he shoots from his hammer, which has a 10-second cooldown. He’s more of a defensive tank since he has a shield that stops all incoming fire as long as it has HP, so he usually spends more time shielding teammates with better DPS. His Ultimate is Earthshatter, where he strikes the ground with his hammer, knocking all enemies in front of him off their feet and rendering them helpless for a few seconds.

          1. Well if I can use Genji for mostly up close & personal sword attacks, I think I have my main for the day I get Overwatch. :D

            1. When he gets his Ultimate, absolutely. To build up to that, pick off players from short to short-medium range (the further Genji is from his target, the less effective he is) with your shuriken, then finish them with his dash attack. Against enemies with a high firing rate like Bastion or Tracer, try to goad them into taking easy shots at you and then use Deflect- with any luck, they might kill themselves with their own attacks.

              From personal experience and viewing multiple Genji Plays of the Game, his Ult is best used when ambushing a group of squishier enemies like Hanzo, Torbjörn, Mercy, and Lucío.

        2. I should also add that the game is not just “shoot anything that moves.” Are you familiar with Team Fortress Classic or TF2? Because Overwatch is just like that with objective-based maps like capturing points or moving a payload. And there is no one hero who can do it all- they all have counters (Torbjörn’s sentry turrets are good at guarding objectives, but can easily be sniped by an out-of-range Widowmaker or by Jumkrat’s grenades; Widowmaker and Ana are ideal for sniping but are easy targets for mobile threats like Genji, McCree, or Tracer; Mercy, the dedicated healer hero, is the best choice for healing at the front line, but if she gets separated, she’s not likely to survive; etc.) so it’s important to have a well-rounded team.

          There’s a whole Wiki for the game that explains each hero’s story, strengths, and weaknesses. I suggest you check that out; it does a better job of explaining everything than I could.

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