Nintendo Advert Says If You Liked Splatoon Then You’ll Love Paper Mario Colour Splash

Paper Mario: Colour Splash is out soon on the Wii U so it makes sense for Nintendo to begin ramping up its marketing efforts. Interestingly in one commercial they appear to be targeting those users who purchased Splatoon (which was a fair amount of people) by suggesting that if you enjoyed Splatoon then you’ll really like Paper Mario: Colour Splash. It’s an odd comparison as one game is a fast and frantic shooter and the other is a platforming RPG. You can check out the advert below.




    1. ||Only Xbots, the civilian cattle and total imbeciles would fall for this Hollywoodian nonsense…||

  1. A bit sad that this is probably the last big Wii U exclusive. I had such high hopes for this system before release but looking back now I had more fun with the original Wii.

  2. Lame marketing. The two games have nothing in common. They could as well write “If you liked your last pizza, then you’ll love Paper Mario Color Splash!”.

  3. XD You guys are so funny. “…ARE ON WII U. Great system. Great games.” lmfao So, so funny! *hams up the laughter to show just how sarcastic I’m being*


    *face turns serious* Mediocre system at best. As for great games, only a handful of them are, to be honest. Wii U is definitely becoming Wii 2.0: mostly shovelware software that buries the great games under tons of shit. *claps* If you were aiming to be the laughingstock of this gen, Nintendo, you succeeded! Even the Vita is laughing at you at this point! … *cries a little inside* Okay. Now I’m just sad that Nintendo’s current home console sales have been terrible compared to past systems.

    Please, NX! Please be what Nintendo needs to pull itself out of this mediocre position because the 3DS can’t do it alone!

      1. *looks at the length of the other videos on Youtube & adds them up* Around 18 hours!? 18 fucking hours of play time!? That’s… That’s pretty pathetic for a Paper Mario game. So glad I’m skipping this.

        1. That’s a good sign cause half of it they did added in this game are mini games…. Huge mini games that has more content then Xenoblade Chronicles X! XD

    1. This actually pisses me off when I really think about it. They are trying to use a successful game to help sell another, unrelated game. This is the highest level of desperation. With FedshitForce being what is essentially a flop, they are probably scared to death Color Splash will suffer the same fate. Give it time. They’ll use a desperate tactic to sell Mario Party: Star Rush, too, eventually.

  4. Obviously. I mean the only reason Splatoon was fun is because there was color and ink. The intricate mechanics and gameplay had nothing to do with it. 😂

    That said I’m gonna buy PMCS because I love Paper Mario. I haven’t been fully satisfied with the last two installments in the franchise and I truly miss the 64/TTYD style games but I’m gonna give this a chance. Maybe it’ll be at least somewhat fun. I’d feel better about taking this risk if it was only $40-50 but hey. If it’s bad I’ll just be done with the franchise until they make one more like the games I loved.

  5. Honestly? The game is good and deserves a chance, but it was because of this exact kind of marketing that the Wii U went under.

  6. the only game they really market like call of duty is Mario or any kid friendly games. Nintendo don’t want to look like a hardcore company plus the only way they will market something adult is if they can dilute it down so much and add parts of mario on there Fates got away with no mario addons but censored to high hell.

    Splatoon was awesome

    mario color splash like splatoon

    Ha, don’t make me laugh Nintendo! Sorry but i’m saving my money for breath of the wild and dragon quest 8, Games that are actually worth giving a shit about.

    1. Let’s hope Nintendo isn’t allowed to change anything with DQ8’s content. I can already see them giving Jessica a full tube top, hiding her cleavage, if they are allowed to do their retarded form of censoring. Treehouse does a great job at using the darker side of censoring to fuck things up. :/

    1. With FedshitForce, for all intents & purposes, being a total flop, they are in a state of panic with Color Splash, methinks.

      1. ||It is a tiny bit better than the FF virus, at least it still looks like Paper Mario…||

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