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Video: Check Out Paper Mario: Color Splash’s Super Mario Bros. 3 Level

Paper Mario games are often full of references to past Mario adventures. Paper Mario: Color Splash seems to be no different with its Super Mario Bros.3 inspired level. While searching for Paint Stars, Mario and Huey come across what they call “ancient images”. Check out the footage below.

15 thoughts on “Video: Check Out Paper Mario: Color Splash’s Super Mario Bros. 3 Level”

      1. I didn’t and now i know that there is a super mario brothers 3 level and saw a screen shot. Is much better to play the game and say “oh look, a super mario brothers level!. Nice!”. But that isn’t gonna happen because now i know.

    1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||You’re on the wrong base if you get destroyed by this simple irrelevant news…||

  1. Nostalgic easter eggs, the only way to get people to buy as meh game….

    Instead of, you know, an actual Paper Mario game that’s faithful to the first two games, complete with with party members.

    Even I managed to come up with a plot for Paper Mario 3, AND the party members.

    1. I’ve heard alot more postives from this game than sticker star, may not be design like TYD or 64, but its fun in its own way, and has some pretty great writing

      1. I can say straight up that while it may be better than Sticker Star, it’s still meh at best. The writing and humor is spot on, but the game balancing is honestly terrible. I’m 5 stars into the game and STILL encountering the same Shyguys I did at the beginning of the game. Enemies that would be difficult simply aren’t because they gave me 2 extra attacks a turn very early in game — letting me clear an entire horde in one turn — or because you can just hit them in the overworld and not fight them at all.

  2. This is a spoiler. I would have wanted to discover this by myself and be surprised to see an easter egg of a game I love, but now, thanks to this crap, I already know it exists, even if I don’t watch the video (which I won’t), and the surprise is ruined. I am surprised that a good news-site like this has made such a huge and stupid mistake, directly affecting gamers like me.

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