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Here’s The Most Popular New Games Of 2016 On Twitch

Twitch, the popular online video game streaming service, has revealed which new games have proved to be the most popular with consumers on the platform. The biggest game this year on the service is online shooter Overwatch which has attracted some huge viewing numbers. You can check out the most popular titles in the image, below.



15 thoughts on “Here’s The Most Popular New Games Of 2016 On Twitch”

      1. That’s because Nintendo is the only current console that doesn’t support streaming to twitch without a capture card now. I’m guessing Nintendo will try to change that with the NX though.

  1. I’m surprised No Man’s Sky is even on there, considering it wound up being nothing like what was shown in the trailers.

    Glad to see Overwatch is number one though- game’s like virtual cocaine.

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