Nintendo Europe Will Have Live Demonstration Of NES Mini On Twitch This Week

Nintendo Europe has announced that they will be showing off the NES Mini on Twitch this week to give consumers a good look at what to expect when the platform launches on November 11th. This particular stream will be an hour long and Nintendo will be joined by the editor of Retro Gamer magazine who will be playing the games in HD and at 60hz. You’ll be able to catch the event on Thursday exclusively on Twitch.




    1. Not happening. I’ve come to the conclusion days ago that the NES Mini is just meant to be a vain attempt to distract us from NX til they are ready to reveal it. They are hoping we’ll be so excited for the NES Mini that we’ll forget about the NX. What they didn’t take into consideration is not everyone is going to really care about the NES Mini & it’s terrible selection of only 30 games.


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