Paper Mario: Color Splash Has A Frustrating Oversight In Its Battle Mechanics

Some reviewers have criticised how Paper Mario: Color Splash handles battles. However, one fan has discovered an oversight in the game’s mechanics that actually brings fights to a standstill. Shown off by a YouTube user, challenging a flying enemy with an inventory full of only hammers will prevent the player from fleeing. To escape the battle without turning off the console, Mario will have to slowly waste all of his ineffective hammer cards. Check out the video below.



  1. Yea, I said similar things when coming across certain enemies in the game, because some enemies outside of bosses require you to have certain types of cards, so what do you do if you don’t have that card and aren’t allowed to run(ex: the Zombie ShyGuy where jumping and hammer attacks don’t work)? You’re stuck If you don’t have the right card. So I felt that they should have added basic functional attacks similar to PM64/TTYD where cards aren’t needed for simple attacks, and the cards should just provide powered up/augmentative attacks to those basic functions.

  2. There’s supposed to be a “Battle Spin” option that gives you random cards, or basically a panic button. Not sure why it didn’t show up for this guy though.

  3. There’s supposed to be a “Battle Spin” option that gives you random cards, or basically a panic button. Not sure why it didn’t show up for this guy though.

    1. Literally this.
      He just went into battle with a full stack of cards with hammers, obviously you cant do anything.
      If he had used say 2 or 3 cards with those hammers and missed cause they are flying, he could’ve used the battle spinner to get a card thats actually effective against a flying enemy or to escape
      This post and video is making the game look worse with its already big hate bandwagon behind it

      1. You might’ve already seen this from other posters, but due to Kamek the guy playing in the video couldn’t use the spinner. As in, it was completely disabled, so he really was stuck.

    2. It was Kamek, he turned all of his cards into hammers, he can’t attack the Swoop either. You also can’t use the spinner or flee.

    3. It was Kamek, he turned all of his cards into hammers, he can’t attack the Swoop either. You also can’t use the spinner or flee.

      1. Yep, Kamek in this game randomly shows up in your battles similar to the fortune teller in PM64, and once he does he takes your cards and limits you to certain ones you can use, or turns them over so you don’t know what you’re picking, and the battle spinner completely unusable, it’s quite an annoyance

  4. The flee option is missing and the battle spin is gone because this is a fight where Kamek intervenes. If ya’ll watched the video he clearly says that Kamek turned all his cards into Eekhammers. It just so happened that it was ineffective for that battle, so it’s not a programming error that going in with all hammers prevents running, just that he had really bad luck for encountering Kamek in that specific fight. Should it be programmed that you can’t get that curse if there’re only flying enemies? Sure, but seriously, it’s not what ya’ll’re talking about.

  5. Can you edit this? You make it sound like the creator went into battle with only hammer cards, which will make some people apathetic. It was Kamek, and you didn’t mention that it was him.

  6. This game needs a serious adjustment patch, or else its nearly unplayable. It’s one thing to not be like the first two Paper Mario games, but the last thing a game like this needs is gameplay flaws that result in game overs.

    The question now is, will Nintendo listen and fix this, or will they keep sh***ing out meh to mediocre titles and expect people to buy and enjoy them.

      1. This is what I’ve been saying for a while now.
        I mean, at least Sticker Star let you pick stickers with the d-pad and the a button so the flow of the battle wasn’t interrupted.
        But hanks to the developers wanting to force use of the touch screen you can’t do that in Color Splash, you have to put the gamepad on your lap and pick the damn cards with the stylus before you can do anything.

  7. tell me why the hell you run casualy around with just hammers….you have to set it up this way.You find so many cards that are not hammers while playing normally,that something like that shouldnd happen in the first place.

      1. i watched the whole video and i say: yes it can happen and its stupid from the developers to oversee something like that,but the player himself would also be an idiot for only having one type of card in his whole card set. K THX BYE

  8. Sounds like I don’t need to get this anytime soon then. Really not on board to begin with, never even finished the 3DS game. I can already feel the frustration at this situation and I’d rather avoid that. I’ll wait to see if they fix these mechanic issues.

  9. one question? why would you have an inventory full of hammers? i can give the person the no escape but i wont give them the inventory full of hammers, that is like trying to beat a salazar from re4 with full of flash grenades.

    1. He didn’t have an inventory full of hammers. Kamek changed all of his battle cards to hammers just before the fight with the Swoop and disabled the Battle Spin function. That is the entire issue.

  10. Yawn, call me when a new Fire Emblem game happens. I know I’m not touching another Paper Mario game after this.

    Oh wait, never thought about giving this a chance to begin with.

  11. Sucks for the suckers that went out & bought this tripe. xD I have no sympathy for anyone, not the people that have the terrible luck of running into this problem & definitely not for Nintendo in letting something like this slip through the cracks. They both suck donkey balls in my opinion!

  12. this sorta happened to me but kamek limited me to 6 cards to fight all flying enemies which only one i could use. then i was forced to flee and lost all of my cards at that point. kamek was the worst decision to put in this game without more fixes

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