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Scizor Confirmed For Pokkén Tournament Arcade

We finally know who the extra combatant is in the arcade version of Pokkén Tournament and that Pokémon is none other than Scizor. Scizor will be the first Bug-type Pokémon in Pokkén Tournament. You can check him out in action, below.

Thanks to ladyrosalina for the tip!


  1. ASKHDFJKLA He looks amazing!

    This game has now all my 6 favorites Pokémon! One of them is a support, but that’s still impressive to say the least….

  2. I would main Scizor in the Wii U version. It’d be great if they gave us DLC for it, the Wii U could really use some love in general this fall…..

    1. There weren’t plans for DLC at the start and I doubt there will be at this point either. The game’s sales haven’t surpassed a million worldwide, and it’s on an essentially dead console. Sticking to the arcade version seems to be their best bet.

      1. That makes me sad if that were the case, they even went all the way and added 3 extra characters for wii u only, then they put them in arcades which seems fair
        I think the real reason that this game isnt selling so well is how fundamentally bad the game actually plays, its a competitive game at heart yet it has little competitive potential
        When people realize just how stupid the game can actually be at mid level play, they lose interest and start buying/playing the game less
        Putting it on a dying console wouldve been smart if they had actually said something about dlc support for wii u, but it looks like they opted for the safer route

      2. Well I thought at one point data miners found files in an update that seemed to hint at characters being added to the Wii U version only for them to later be announced for the arcade one with no mention of Wii U.

        Regardless, I was just saying that since they’re being completely silent about NX that the Wii U could use a little love and this would’ve been something at the very least. It’d be something to mention for Wii U besides Paper Mario (which is already out now) and Breath of the Wild (which we know launches simultaneously with the NX version of the game next year). Plus it would’ve been a way to thank those of us who supported the Wii U version and add a little life to it’s community.

        But yeah, financially I guess abandoning the Wii U completely is the smart move right now? Even if you aren’t acknowledging the fans desire to learn about what’s next.

  3. Don’t add more than you can handle, GameFreak. I bet this took quite the toll on you guys since you can’t handle anything past GBA tech. Oh wait! Bandai Namco developed this game! My bad! Yeah. Leave the heavy lifting to other, more experienced devs, GameFreak.

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