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Here’s What The Witcher 3 Would Look Like On Nintendo DS

The Witcher 3 is one of the most visually impressive games of this generation. However, one fan has tried to re-imagine the game as if it were released for the Nintendo DS. Available to download as a texture pack, the mod downgrades many of the game’s graphics so they could feasibly run on Nintendo’s handheld. The changes made are certainly impressive, simplifying many of the game’s more complex textures. However, it still looks better than any DS games I’ve ever seen. Check out some picture below.


23 thoughts on “Here’s What The Witcher 3 Would Look Like On Nintendo DS”

    1. My first thought was no way this would run on a 3ds. But then I looked at Xenblade Chronicles. Granted it doesnt look quite as good but it does have more detail and runs the game very well. Who knows, maybe this could run on the new 3ds.

  1. Yeah, because the DS clearly had HD resolution and could render millions of polygons. Looks SO much like a DS version of the game.

    1. Your sarcasm is SO clever and SO obviously correct. Actually, if they could optimize Xenoblade Chronicles for the new 3ds I think they could do it foe the witcher, but yes, draw distance and the world size would have to be drastically lowered. As for you sir, your sarcasm is SO SUBTLE that its TOTALLY not annoying… ;)

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  3. The DS does have some games that can run at 60fps, notably Super Monkey Ball: Touch and Roll and Mario Vs. Donkey: Mini Land Mayhem. But those games wasn’t graphic demanding, so it makes sense.

  4. Really desperate for something to post about, huh. You could have at least done an ounce of research before reposting a bunch of screenshots that have been circulating.
    This is not a texture pack, it is done via .ini editing to make all of the textures of the game use their lowest mipmap resolution possible, which is just a 1×1 color. These screenshots in particular were taken using a configuration mod that makes simpler than hunting down the appropriate .ini files, which was actually originally intended to crank the graphics up higher. And, of course, as everyone has been saying, there is zero chance this could run on a 3DS, you’d have to do a hell of a lot of work to make that even remotely possible.
    For anyone further curious: Not a perfect article of course, for whatever reason they use “low-poly” as a describer when this has zero impact on the geometry at all, but it has the relevant links so it’ll do.

  5. That looks way too good for a Nintendo DS. It would probably explode into a million pieces or be engulfed into a huge fire if you tried to run that.

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  7. that looks more viable as a 3ds game or better yet, ‘new’ 3ds game. looks good, maybe there should be a witcher portable called ‘witcher 3d’…..yeah the name is cliche but so what?

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