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Video: Disney Star Olivia Holt Promotes Disney Magical World 2 At Nintendo NY

Nintendo recently celebrated the launch of Disney Magical World 2 with Disney teenage star Olivia Holt at the Nintendo NY store. You can check out footage of the preview event in the video below. Disney Magical World 2 is available now for Nintendo 3DS. The game allows players to meet more than 100 Disney characters and explore six Disney-themed worlds, such as Frozen and The Little Mermaid.



    1. You do know even before Miley Cyrus, there had been a number of Disney stars to lose their way, right? Britney Spears being one of them since she was a Mouseketeer years before she became famous as a pop singer of the 90s. Remember her phase of shaving her hair bald? Or her marriage to Kevin Federline for that matter. lol Lindsay Lohan is another case. I can name one Disney Starlette that hasn’t caused any big controversy & has actually be a rather good girl: Hilary Duff. The Jonas Brothers are doing fine, too. Oh & Demi Lovato. I could probably name more but those are the only ones from the top of my head.

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