Super Mario Maker 3DS Now Available For Pre-Order On Nintendo UK Store

Super Mario Maker for the 3DS is now available to pre-order on the Nintendo UK Store, in anticipation of the release date of 2nd December.

There’s also a promotion available, giving those that pre-order the game through the store a choice of Mario themed gift. The gifts to choose from are:

  • Coaster Pack
  • Build-A-Level Mug
  • Question Mark Block Storage Tin
  • Mario Breaking Bricks T-Shirt
  • 3D Motion Note Book

The game with the gift is £34.99, except for the storage tin and t-shirt selections which are slightly more expensive at £39.99.

On top of the game sold on its own, there’s also a console bundle for £214.99. The bundle includes a New Nintendo 3DS XL in orange and black, a Retro Mario Hard Pouch, Mario Magnets and a 3DS power adapter.

You can check out everything that’s available here.



  1. This is probably to try and boost/ensure sales for a known inferior version. I mean, if you can’t share levels online, what’s the point? That alone should tell you it isn’t worth it.

      1. I just don’t find it very fun to create levels. It feels so pointless. The only fun part for me is trying to unlock the different costumes. As a kid, I would have been obsessed with this game. But nowadays, I prefer a much deeper experience than this game. For one thing, a story. A plot. A reason to play. That’s my same complaint about the latest Smash Bros. games.

    1. I’m not here to talk you up for it. Honestly, I didn’t care for the Wii U version. Creating levels is never really my thing and it gets boring pretty quick just playing other people’s levels, especially when there’s no real goal in mind. I’d say get it if you are a creative person. If you’re not, consider spending your money on games that you don’t need to be talked up to buy.

    2. ||If you aren’t creative beyond measure or want to spend time on small details to make your levels stand out, then I suggest getting the 3DS version if you just want to play other people’s levels and official Nintendo made ones…||

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