Nintendo’s Profits Increase By 160% Due To Mariners Sale

While Nintendo is expected to report a 160% increase in annual profits, it isn’t because of any of their games or consoles. The profit increase actually comes from the sale of their stake in the Seattle Mariners baseball team. Back in August, Nintendo sold part of its huge stake in the team for $661,000,000. It’s nice to see Nintendo turning a profit, even if not because of any products it’s released.



      1. ||I don’t need any lessons about Nintendo, you won’t win…||

        ||And I don’t understand this roleplayer phenomenon some of you talk about…||

      2. They only bought it because Yamaguchi (the president before Iwata) wanted it (even though he’s never been in any of their games. Also, Japan loves baseball, so I guess that sort have fuelled the purchase as well.). My guess is that the only reason why they didn’t sell it until now is because Iwata was explicitly telling them to leave it alone out of respect.

        Now that Iwata’s gone, there’s no incentive to keep it.

  1. An SNES Mini would be amazing. Though I feel like it would be worth double just to sell the games as a pack on virtual concise for Switch

      1. It’s hard to detect them because they’re few in numbers. They’re only basing it off of the Nintendo’s past failures.

        They’re nobodies; don’t waste your time with them.

  2. “it isn’t because of any of their games or consoles.”, lol this is typical of josh (the shitty poster), always find a way to say crap. He is like the sickr from 2014.

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