Impossible To Reach Coin Discovered In Super Mario 64

It’s amazing that we’re still discovering secrets in classic Nintendo games. UncommentatedPannen has found an impossible to reach coin in Super Mario 64. The YouTuber has discovered that in the Tiny Huge Island level, one coin oddly spawns underneath the map. While every line of coins in the game appears in a row of five, only four of this set can be collected. What causes this oddity in Super Mario 64’s design? Check out the video below.


  1. As we bitch about Nintendo’s future games, these lads just keep on enjoying the relics. Respect.

    1. The other “Impossible Coin” is in the large version of THI, not the small version as is this coin

  2. Not saying things like this aren’t interesting. But how do people have so much time to just sit there and go through old games to find glitches? And why? What goes through their mind to think “let’s play this old game for hours on end and see what hidden glitches are in it.” And how do they even find half of them? Like apparently there’s one in Ocarina of Time where you go along the border of the trees in Hyrule Field near the entrance to Kokiri Forest and it warps you or something. That’s so tedious to find. So they just go inch by inch along the border of the main hub and try to see if there is a glitch? I could never just sit there and do that for hours. I’d go insane. Not knocking these people. I just don’t see how or why they do it.

  3. It sucks that I have to be on microsoft’s s**t and not with Bowser, Peach Mario on that new Switch.

    I cant believe that Bowser the clown after all these years cant get that plumber down to the ground.

  4. Run around the post on that pillar in the water 128 times, then ground pound all the posts in that level in less than 64 seconds and leave. Once back in the castle, read (or re-read) the statue in the courtyard that everyone knew was referencing Luigi. When you do, it’ll split open revealing a canon. Jump in and shoot to the rooftop to meet Luigi. He’ll offer to trade places with Mario allowing you to play as the lean, green, high-hopping machine. Luigi can then be used to collect those “unreachable” coins (he’ll fall in the ground there revealing an underground portion of that stage) as well as offering an overall different style of gameplay for the rest of the levels. He obviously jumps higher but slides when landing and is a little slower than his shorter big bro. Whenever you want to play as Mario again just go back to the rooftop and tag him back in.

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