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Nintendo Is Determined To Make Super Mario Run As Popular As Pokémon GO

We all suspected that Nintendo would have huge amounts of confidence in Super Mario Run for iOS platforms. It’s the first Mario title for smartphones and tablets and Nintendo is determined to make it nothing short of a roaring success. Speaking to Bloomberg, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima had the following to say about the highly anticipated smartphone game.

“In terms of expectations, we all saw what happened when we delivered Pokemon Go. And honestly I was quite surprised by it myself. There’s no doubt that more people are using smartphones to play games. And as this time we’re using Mario, that’s a very important intellectual property for us. And that’s what Miyamoto’s team is working on now: making sure it spreads out just as quickly as Pokemon Go.”

“More than 20 million people have already registered to receive notifications when the game is available,” he continued. One analyst recently said the game will easily hit 1 billion downloads.

“In terms of the game itself, you can download it and play a certain part of it, and then pay a fixed price and then play it over and over as many times as you want without having to pay anything extra,” said Kimishima. “And that should give peace of mind that kids can play it. And we’re hoping that will help it become more popular.”

“Our main business is the hardware/software business. In addition, our smartphone business has helped sell a lot of our existing packages. And it has really proved our original thesis: by releasing our software on the smartphone, it positively impacts our existing hardware and software business. And that’s precisely the synergy effect we were expecting. And as that has been proven correct, we have more confidence.”

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32 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Determined To Make Super Mario Run As Popular As Pokémon GO”

  1. im sorry to say this but thats not going to happen. its going to over 200 million but it aint going to a billion like pokemon eventually will

      1. Hes just being a realist. A billion downloads is a tall order. Although the 20 million people who have a notification coming are all on iphone. Wait until its released for android. The levvy’s going to break. My thinking is they are banking on super mario run drawing kids attention right before the Switch Launch, which will have that new 3D mario game in the launch window, and those kids are going to beg their parents for the switch while Mario is in the piblic consciousness. It did work for pokemon! Alpha and Omega as when as X and Y saw a huge spike in sales around pokemon go. If they can achieve a simillar level of popularity with Run, they will draw in potential customers for the Switch when they show off a new mario game for it in the January presentation.

  2. I just feel that Go might have given them a false sense of security. Go was a rare fad, they don’t happen too often.

    1. Its only rare in that it became the most downloaded app of all time, most downloaded app in its first month, first week, etc. It had more daily active users than facebook at one point. Think about that for a second. Why was it such a success? Because it eas a fluke? Sorry, no. The reality is that Nintendo’s Intellectual property is just that valuable, and people want access to their games, but not bad enough to buy their consoles. Nintendo’s approach is to reintroduce casuals old and new to Mario via Run, and then just like with the spike in 3ds and pokemon game sales, they will see a similar spike with mario, when they announce Super Mario Switch in January. I honestly think it wasnt just a fluke, it was their honest intention at the time with pokemon, and its going to work for Mario as well.

  3. You all talk as if Pokemon Go is dead. As of right now…. maybe. Not nearly as many people at launch (obviously). But we all know all it takes is a couple large updates to get their original fanbase back. Battles, trading, other generations, etc. PGo has a long life ahead of us. I’m stoked for a Mario mobile game though!!

  4. I’m sure there will be iPhone ads that show the game being played even if only for a few seconds. They did give Nintendo the stage at their own event so it’s clear that they view this little relationship very positively.

  5. I wonder if we can get this on the Switch. It would be great to play on the tablet screen if the rumors are true about it being a touch screen. I wonder if you can also dock it and play SM Run with a pro controller as well? Hmmmmm… January 12th can’t get here soon enough.

    1. Bringing a mobile game to the Switch would seem kind of counterproductive. And using the pro controller for a single button game, just seems out of Nintendo’s norm.

  6. Pokemon Go was so big, it was crazy. Now investors and corporate execs will forever compare everything to it. I personally blame Pkmn Go for Nintendo’s stock falling after the Switch announcement trailer.

  7. I am excited to play this mobile Mario honestly it looks good. I think it will be a huge success too but I don’t think it will reach Pokémon go levels it doesn’t have that same social aspect of collecting. I’ll have to wait tho since I don’t support Apple devices

  8. man I hope the game is a bomb and won’t be a success like pokemon GO. I hate mobile “game” and giving the reaction toward the swtich and the wish of the investor I would not want to see a similar success. It for the greater good of Nintendo and the video game industry.

    1. You may want to read this part of the article again: “it has really proved our original thesis: by releasing our software on the smartphone, it positively impacts our existing hardware and software business.”

  9. I may have played mario games in the past but now I consider that the Mario games that are good are the Mario Power Star collecting games and Mario Sunchine. When I played 3D Word I didn’t like it. The Mario 3D Land was not bad but is not like my taste.

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