Video: Geno From Super Mario RPG Smashified

The team over at Smashified have done it again and have wonderfully recreated a Nintendo character into the Super Smash Bros universe. This time around it is Geno from the acclaimed Super Mario RPG on the Super Nintendo that has been given the treatment. You can check out a time-lapse video of his creation in the video embedded below.


  1. As much as I’m for Geno for Smash, how about they Smashify characters who DO NOT already have 3D renders by Nintenfo or on deviantart, like 9-Volt, Andy, Lip, Captain Syrup, Medusa, etc.

      1. Is it a crime to want certain characters Smashified.

        Or how about they do Mario, or Toad, or Mega Charizard X, or Master Hand, or Goku, or Shrek, or you, or Peppy, or Slippy, or Peach with a different-colored dress.

        Or Pikachu. I hear he’s a popular character. You can’t have enough of him.

  2. Behave, the both of you, can’t we all just get along? Shrek will probably be in the Switch port of the game. Final smash: “GET OUT OF ME SWAMP!” “

  3. And this might be the closest Geno will ever come to Smash. But hey! If Square Enix & Nintendo become buddy-buddy again, maybe we’ll see Geno in Smash 5!

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