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Miiverse Announcement Community Hacked

Earlier today, the Miiverse announcement community was briefly hacked. While normal users can’t post directly on the community, two users managed to upload messages to its feed. Nintendo quickly removed the comments, but they can still be seen through the Internet archive.


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52 thoughts on “Miiverse Announcement Community Hacked”

    1. If only there was a Miiverse comunity for youngs of 15 to 29 I would use it but those kids don’t like peoble that are good players because they are envidious and they want to be the protagonist of the game they play when they anounce what they are playing and anyone thats good they don’t talk then. But you are right that Miiverse is doomed since 50% of the 3DS owners are teens and young adults of 21-29 and they don’t use it.

  1. he sounds so full of himself, like he thought he had actually completely taken over Miiverse. cant say im surprised though. the Miiverse community is incredibly toxic and cringy

    1. No, seriously Anon. Chill the fuck out.
      If some guys wanna fuck on a dead community and accept(bypass) the consequences, then let them.

    2. i wasnt really freaking out, i really dont know where you are coming from with that. im just surprised to see that Miiverse is still just as awful as it has always been

    1. I don’t even use Miiverse, lol.
      Only ever used it when Nintendo Land was still a new game, and that’s about it.

    1. The guy in this video doesnt know what trolling is. Hes stupider than any of the people hes accusing of making bad smash suggestions. They arent real suggestions, they are troll suggestions. You’re a moron.

      1. That’s what’s funny about it, Shokio doesn’t get what trolling is for the same reason why he don’t understand why fans want Ridley (Too big isn’t really that much of an excuse anymore). And please, don’t call me a moron mate.

          1. I already know that one. Still won’t stop Ridley fans like Kalas to disagree with him on that manner. The only real problem I have is that the Fire Emblem representation is a bit bloated (coming from a fan).

            1. Get rid of the glorified ad no cares for (Corrin), the useless clone with an overhyped fandom (Lucina), and put the living Melee fanservice out of his misery (Roy).

              Problem solved. There’s no real reason why any new character is added other than advertisement for games that don’t need it (Fates and Awakening).

      2. The only real moron around here is you for taking a damn video serious. Of course everyone knows they are trolls and that is what makes it funny. Shok has been wrong on Smash predictions in more ways than one for thinking too logically (Pac-Man, Miis, Ryu, Greninja, etc).

        The only thing he’s gotten right was Ridley because deep down we all knew Sakurai would have never added him in. Being the too bigot he is (Inb4 Kindlg Kalas appears).

  2. I somewhat know these people and they are not doing anything malicious. Watching the confusion on Miiverse is always amusing though.

    1. Anyway, it’d be nice if someone hacked Miiverse further & banned all the admins & blocked all forms of reporting & deleting comments! Miiverse deserves whatever befalls it since Nintendo fucked it up themselves!

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