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Don’t Forget Mario Party: Star Rush Launches Today In The US

The party is back! Mario Party Star Rush is available today for Nintendo 3DS. Think fast and have a blast with a variety of ways to party on the go or on the couch with Mario, Toad and more classic characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Ready to get started? Great – because you don’t even have to wait your turn! It’s always your turn as you and up to three friends roll the dice, roam the board and recruit fan-favorite allies. The bigger your party, the faster you’ll earn stars and coins in frantic mini-games. It’s instant fun for everyone! And best yet, only one person needs to own the game to play multiplayer! Other players can enjoy it if they’ve downloaded the Mario Party Star Rush Party Guest Edition for free from Nintendo eShop! (Additional systems are sold separately).

Mario Party Star Rush also welcomes three new character amiibo figures: Daisy, Waluigi and an awesome glow-in-the-dark Boo.


  1. If they won’t make it exactly like the older ones (which is what most of us want) they can buzz off!

  2. Only idiots would be excited for such a trashy, horrible, sad excuse for a Mario Party game! That & sheep!

  3. Where is Mario party 2 for Wii U virtual console on North America????? I’m getting really pissed and tired of this s**t

    1. Oh we care about Mario Party. Just not the current drivel they are trying to pass off as Mario Party.

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