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Nintendo: Survey Shows Parents Don’t Have Enough Time To Play With Their Kids

Trying to balance work and home life can be difficult, and many parents say they don’t have enough time to spend with their kids. According to a survey conducted by Wakefield Research for Nintendo, parents tell their children they are too busy to play with them an average of eight times a week, with almost half of parents (48 percent) saying they spend more time commuting to work than playing with their kids. But simple things like playing a quick video game as a family, which tops the list of activities that kids enjoy most (33 percent), can be easy and fun.


Now families can play as iconic characters like Mario, Luigi and Peach in Mario Party Star Rush, a fast-paced, portable multiplayer game that is now available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Mario Party Star Rush offers something for everyone and can be played for as long or as little as families have time for. The engaging and colorful game launched on the same day as seven new amiibo figures in the Super Mario series, which are sold separately and can be used to expand the fun.

“Between busy school and work lives, quality family time is becoming more and more limited,” said Meredith Sinclair, a lifestyle expert in play and family time. “What’s so great about Mario Party Star Rush is its ability to bring families together to play something that everyone will enjoy. Families will be making an effort to schedule more game nights and to find time to play together.”

More than half of parents (52 percent) frequently avoid playing family games because it’s too stressful to find one game that everyone wants to play. Other challenges include kids getting too bored (36 percent) or arguing whose turn it is (31 percent). All of these pitfalls can potentially be avoided when playing Mario Party Star Rush. In Mario Party Star Rush, players take turns simultaneously, blazing through mini-games, roaming game boards, rolling dice and teaming up with Mario, Peach and other fan-favorite characters to face down bosses. There’s no time to be bored! Mario Party Star Rush is packed with seven different fun modes, so everyone, regardless of their gaming skills and interests, will have a blast.

Kids and their parents who have fond memories of Nintendo characters will love the new Super Mario series amiibo figures that launched on the same day as the game and are sold separately. These figures include the debut of Daisy, Waluigi and Boo (who actually glows in the dark!), as well as new poses for Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Rosalina and Wario. By tapping a compatible amiibo to the New Nintendo 3DS XL system (or to a Nintendo 2DS, Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 3DS XL system using the Nintendo 3DS NFC Reader/Writer accessory), players can gain teammates, gain items or enjoy other features while playing in different modes.

When only one person owns that game, up to three other players can connect to try out a limited number of multiplayer modes. Additionally, anyone who doesn’t yet own the game can download the free Mario Party Star Rush – Party Guest Edition software available exclusively in Nintendo eShop. Up to three players can then connect with a player that owns the full game so all four players can participate in the full multiplayer experience together. That makes playing together as a family easier than ever!

35 thoughts on “Nintendo: Survey Shows Parents Don’t Have Enough Time To Play With Their Kids”

  1. FARK ME !!!!
    Well done Nintendo. It only took you a few years to realise this..
    Amount of people that purchase a PS4 are adults that do it for themselves.

    Seriously…. out of all the people that comment on this site, who sits down and enjoys a video game with their family ?……
    *can open, worms everywhere

    1. My dad played the Super Nes with my brother and I, we had the 4-player adapter for hockey and basketball. We played GameCube together, networking two together for 8 player races.

      By this time, we were all moved out of the house, had our own jobs and lives, but We played the Wii together, CoD, and used our cell phones to voice chat… This is when my brother brought the Xbots into our gaming circle… A game system we could play from our homes, chat and had a lot of coop games. Of course I refused, being a Nintendo Fan boy. I was certain the WiiU would allow us to game again. Nope. Very few coop games, no voice chat. We entered gaming hibernation. I got my dad a WiiU, but it turned into a Wheel of Fortune/ Jeapordy box.

      When Nintendo refused to integrate voice chat into the WiiU, and it stopped getting games, I reached the “Fuck it, and fuck Nintendo” Moment. We all got X1’s and have begun gaming together once again. Happy Ending. The End…. Or is it?

        1. Exactly like that survey. It goes on about parents not playing with their children enough & quickly morphs into one giant advertisement for one of the worst Mario Party games EVER!

        2. But no, no. Continue defending Nintendo’s shitty ways. I sure hope the Switch is not just a switch from the terrible Wii brand but also a switch from their shitty, old, backstabbing ways.

        3. It could have easily been the PS4 I stead, we just landed on the Xbox. I’m not an Xbox fan. To me it’s just a cheap PC that has guarenteed games.

          When Nintendo steps up and stops fucking around, I’ll happily go back to Nintendo consoles.

      1. You’re a prime example of how you realized that Nintendo is so fucking behind in the times, that they lost a customer for their idioic ideology that fans will always stay fans through nostalgia. I have a p4, share play, party chat, and just love the features. Nintendo on the other hand, they want to make games like Zelda With 3 Links and no voice chat. Or Metroid and Splatoon with no voice chat. If dudes can’t even give me a basic feature, then what the fuck am I supporting them for? Dudes don’t even have achievements.

        1. The reality is, we can’t all just get in the same room and game anymore. We need voice chat and some basic social features to game with friends and family. I never wanted to be a multi-console gamer, but we really had no choice.

      1. Have a pS4 and I don’t have CoD. Let’s stop making dumb assumptions and be honest with ourselves that Nintendo sucks right now. Nintendo is for little kids and not even remotely for all the fans as SNES and N64 was. After GameCube, they went kid mode on us. Miiverese is a prime example that they don’t even have a decent social media marketing network to actually highlight their system.

  2. The US is a busy place.
    Adults don’t have time cause now days our economy is so damn bad, people work the majority of the time.
    People work longer, and get paid less.
    It’s going to get worse… but it’s already effecting stuff like this.
    Nintendo needs to get it through their skulls that kids play on their own, and adults play online or alone most of the time… the whole “family around the TV” thing went out in the early 2000s…
    That picture on the back of the box of old consoles showing families… that does not happen.

  3. I know about a 30 something year old guy who comments here and usually says that he is married and has kids, obviously he spends more time talking with Dr. Tre and playing vidya than giving some precious time with his family…also he loses his head when somebody makes negative comments about Nintendo, this gives us an idea how good of a father he is, losing his bolts because gaming…just imagine his temper when “his wife” doesn’t give it to him or when his children don’t do what he wants.
    Yes, this person is paidenthusiast!

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  5. I do feel bad for a lot of kids. My parents spent a fuck ton of time playing with us. We didn’t have money, but we had a Hellava good time.

    I have very little free time, despite what it looks like being on this site all the time xP Every day after work I spend at least 1-1/2 hours playing/running/walking my dog, 2-3hrs per day on the weekends. Yesterday we went on a 4 mile hike, and believe me, sometimes I don’t feel like it. But it makes me happy to see her sleeping or resting after a day of jogging and discovery. I can game guilt free and it’s really good for me to get out as well.

    I’m not saying I would make a good parent, but I am a damn good dog owner. She’s family after all! XD

    OK. Two personal comments on one post. I best get my Jaded face back on. ;D

  6. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||High Command should do like I do, cares nothing about irrelevant categories, just force these imbeciles to play…||

  7. A survey about parents not playing with their children enough & what does it go on about? One of the worst Mario Party games ever made that most children won’t give a flying fuck about, nor will their parents. Mario Party Star Rush is doomed since Pokemon Sun & Moon will be taking up most of the buy rate this holiday season. lol

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