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Europe: SwapDoodle Out Now For Nintendo 3DS From Nintendo

Enjoy a fun way to communicate with your friends via Nintendo 3DS family systems with the launch of Swapdoodle, available now as a free download on Nintendo eShop. By drawing messages with the Touch Screen, players can send their quirky doodles to friends while on the go, and even learn how to sketch familiar Nintendo characters with optional paid Lessons, allowing players to send their friends on quests with The Legend of Zelda, or inking an anecdote courtesy of Splatoon.

In this free-to-start application, players can use the Touch Screen to draw messages to members of their Nintendo 3DS Friends List, and then send these Notes via SpotPass, allowing them to communicate with faraway familiar faces through fun doodles. Players can also send out messages that play out over several panels, and use secret panels in order to heighten the drama as their friend slowly waits to uncover what quirky communication they’ve been sent today.

Artists-in-training can also purchase optional Lessons based on select Nintendo characters and series, allowing doodlers to test their skills before unleashing their hand-drawn creations on their friends. Lessons can be bought through the 12 Lesson Packs based on Nintendo series such as Animal Crossing, Super Mario, and Mario Kart, as well as fun doodles by Nikki, who makes her return to help guide players through Swapdoodle.

These Lessons can also be purchased as part of Premium Packs, which will also reward players with more ink to use in messages, multiple Lessons, and more colours to add even more personality to their doodles. The Nintendo Premium Pack and Sparkling Premium Pack are available now to purchase, while newcomers can also choose to download the Free Starter Pack, which will provide budding artists with four Lessons, more notes, and a new colour to get started with. Players can also trial some of the Lessons available in both the Lesson Packs and the Premium Packs with one free practice per Pack. While players cannot save or send the finished results to their friends until they’ve purchased, they can still practise an entire Lesson, allowing them to try before they buy.

Players can also add game software icons to messages, based on their Activity Log, allowing them to find a more creative way to tell friends what they’ve been playing, or even recommend them a title they can try out next.


  1. So…. is this coming to the United States? I lost a lot of good 3DS friends when they shut down Swapnot. I’d like a way to communicate with them again.

  2. So swapnote hit uk?
    Wasnt shut down cause people were sending nsfw drawings on it?
    Obviously will happen with this too =/

    1. I’d say it’s more on Nintendo than the users that used the product the way they wanted to use it. There are tons of things that were made for one purpose that got used for other, more nefarious purposes but I don’t see a worldwide shutdown of selling cell phones, computers, cars, silverware, hammers, guns, paper, plastic bags, string, wires, etc etc. So if anyone ruined anything for anyone, it was Nintendo for being way too overprotective & treating it’s customers as if they were all a bunch of stupid kids with no parents that should be responsible for what their kids do online.

  3. I really like the app and it’s fun to use.

    Just the stupid DLC is overpriced as hell. 15 bucks to unlock all the content. That’s outrageous! I will get the DLC when it’s cheaper.

    But other than that, it’s really good.

  4. Swapnote’s successor? I suspect Nintendo will shut this thing down, too, like they did Swapnote. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! Yeah because parental controls aren’t an actual thing on Nintendo systems that keep kids from seeing shit like this on the internet. /s

      1. I sure hope so. It’s time Nintendo’s main HQ digs their claws into NoA a bit to make them stop being so overprotective & uptight.

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