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Nintendo Has Commented On The Pokemon Sun & Moon Online Bans

You may recall yesterday that reports came in about pirate players getting banned from playing Pokemon Sun & Moon. Sun & Moon had been leaked earlier this month, and those who illegally downloaded the leaks have been getting blocked from playing the game online. Well, Nintendo has since commented on the matter, saying that “as a result of a number of Nintendo 3DS users using unauthorized versions of several games, and connecting to the official game servers in violation of our terms of service, these users’ Nintendo 3DS systems that stored the unauthorized game code have been banned from Nintendo’s online network effective immediately”. In other words, Nintendo confirmed what was already believed to be the case. The company is not tolerating piracy of Pokemon Sun & Moon.


Thanks, Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis


    1. ||We have sent our assassins after you, thank you for revealing your illegal actions…||

  1. Serves ’em right.
    Hell, it already takes a low-life to steal a game that people worked very hard on creating.. but then being foolish enough to go online with it? Lol.
    Shows the kind of idiocy on display here.

    1. I bought sun twice and moon twice. I paid dood times. I can workouts the band be using a other seed (which I will) but they even banned people with legit copies which is not fair

      1. This was already brought up. Even if you bought it, that doesn’t give you the right to break the rules. You should have followed them and just because you’re impatient, doesn’t give you a free pass.

        1. Yeah and now that they have successfully taken away the ability to access the eshop I will have to pirate everything instead of buying.

          And I don’t know how you guys can believe banning peoples eshop which they spent money on is okay that have bought the game and played a legit copy such as reviewers is okay. They banned reviewers and people with legit copies and you guys say that’s okay. They should have played the game before release (even though that’s what a reviewer is suppose to do). Now they lost access to their eshop.

          It’s almost the same that happened to blunty, a YouTuber.
          He received a mario kart 8 review copy to make a review. Then he did and Nintendo striked his video and removed it even though he only expressed HIS options of the game which Nintendo then claimed belong to them because he was talking about their game.

          Why do they ship review copies if they then sue and can those people for doing their job?

          1. You broke the rules, now you’re paring the price. Don’t like it? Shouldn’t have done it. And by saying you’re going to pirate everything, it just shows your hypocrisy and how you’ve learned nothing. I have absolutely no remorse for you.

            1. And same with those filthy reviewers right? Broke the rules. I hope their eshop accounts are permabanned.

              How can you think like that?

      2. Sorry, I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying because of typos.

        So.. you recieved your copy early? If you paid for it and got it early, then contact Nintendo and see what you can do. If people are being falsely banned because of retailers breaking the street date, then that’s indeed lame. I’m only referring to the people who stole/pirated their copy.

        1. First off. Sorry for those typos. I was on Skype and I did not pay that much attention.
          And banning people who pirates the games is a good thing.
          I know someone with a legit version. He gave me a dump (which is not better than downloading) and I played it. Now my 300usd account is banned. I bought the game 2 times each. In the end they did not lose money even though I received a dump. I did not cancel my preorders.

          But i think banning my eshop which I spent 300 USD on so far is really harsh and it makes no sense. Now I cannot buy stuff from the eShop. Banning people from online games I get. But banning eshop access is only a loss situation for Nintendo. Now I cannot buy content from the eShop. And even though I have a fully hacked 3ds I find it very very very very very important to PAY for the stuff I use. Which is why i still bought two copies even though I basically have it. But i realise that must people don’t buy the content but still use it. And those people should get a permanent ban a that copy of the game.

          But banning everything for every is harsh. And banning the eshop only hurts Nintendo. I got example cannot buy earthbound which I planned buying even though I own the Wii u version. Now my only option would be to pirate it. BUT I WANT THEM TO HAVE MY MONEY.

          And they DID ban people with legit copies and reviewers. Even their eshop. And that really is not fair at all. But everyone here seems to think that is perfectly fine.

          And due to region locking I had to wait extra 3 weeks for Oras, 2 weeks for smash, 10 days for xy, 2 weeks for fire emblem after launch. So I thinks it’s fair for me to enjoy a game a week earlier instead. Still bought the game. (Going to receive my 4 copies in 12 days or so. Would have to wait again if i did not have a ROM).

          And I hate the pirating scene. Not buying a game because you can download it. But i bought them. So no harm really.

          But seriously. They cannot can reviewers and lucky early legit owners. That’s just pure wrong

          1. I totally agree. Banning people from the eShop in particular is a very strange move. Hopefully you can get your situation sorted out. I’m sure there’s a way you can prove to them that you purchased the game. I guess you’ll have to contact their support and see what happens. I will say, all the experiences I’ve had with Nintendo’s support line have been extremely good. However, none of them involved a ban, so I’m not sure how that will play out.

          1. I don’t mind it since I got a little pesky anon that attacks me. I finally have a follower! It’s a hater but still! lol Watch out, Quadraxis! I’m aiming to have more haters than you! lol

            1. ||I have more haters than all of you combined, the only one that has slightly more is Sasori…||

  2. Well, I have an official copy, I wanna know if it’ll be ok to play with the online features tomorrow

      1. I think Nintendo’s digital-ninjas do a rundown of your system and the game, and if it’s checked out they place a digital-fire-beacon on top of a digital-software-mountain so the emperor (Nintendo) knows to cease an attack of digital-samurai.

        1. Well I didn’t play the game yet unlike those assholes, because I’m still waiting for midnight for my digital release on my system. The whole beacon thing? Yeah I heard of that.

      2. Still, I keep asking this question everywhere: I need to know at what time, in the US, the online service won’t ban people any longer, I want to play the damn game already…

        1. Flavio, since you didn’t understand my reply somehow, what I meant was Nintendo checks game authenticity automatically, so as long as it’s not a pirated version you can play…

        2. If you want to be safe, I suggest waiting til the middle of the day to start playing it. That way, you can be 100% positive all 4 time zones are past 12am.

        3. Just wait man Well I didn’t play the game yet unlike those assholes, because I’m still waiting for midnight for my digital release on my system. The whole beacon thing? Yeah I heard of that.

  3. I bet the those savages who play the game early must be crying right now because they know better to play the online version of the before it’s release in hours. XD

  4. It’s not that hard to work around the ban anyways if you have a modded 3DS. The 3DS’ security is honestly garbage. That said, it is a shame that even people with physical copies got banned for playing online. Why would they even bother having their servers up if they didn’t want people online?

    1. Because servers need to be tested, they can’t just turn them on the day the game goes live and hope they work, duh.

  5. As another brought up, what about those that got screwed because they got their game a day or so early in the mail and didn’t know about the fact even paid customers get screwed if they use the online before release day? This doesn’t address those poor victims. Now if they had a ton of other games on their systems that were illegally gained or pirated & playing Sun and/or Moon before release day got them caught, that’s another story entirely.

  6. 81 of out 100 new Pokemon, no gyms, a crappy anime tie-in. Is this game really worth banning people from online entirely? The actual game is one thing, but other games, and eShop?

    Pokemon is not some sacred genome project in the works, for Nintendo to be putting indefinate bans on people’s $100-$200 systems. How do they expect these people to buy anymore of their games, especially digital-exclusive content?

    God help us if we change Pokemon nicknames or teach them egg moves (without hatching them from eggs), ORAS move tutor moves (without transfering them to another expensive game, that’s more of the same), or create legit clones for legendary trades (because we don’t like permanent goodbyes of legendaries and people we raised in other games), all on PKHex. THIS ISN’T THE ANIME, STOP MAKING PEOPLE TREAT THE GAMES LIKE THE ANIME! Pokemon are not real-life creatures, so quit it with the Fort Knox/customs/federal security-style bans! Some of us actually like training Pokemon to be as strong as they can be, even if the anime chooses to ignore EVs, IVs, stats, and metagame, in favor of bonding and goofy friendship. If any of wanted cheap wins to screw around with 10-12 year-olds, we’d have more 999 stat Garchomps, Wondertombs, and whatever the hell is the deal with the Ultra Beasts.

    Thankfully, I was smart enough not to attempt to download a game for a system I have zero emulation experience in. But the fact that that’s all it takes to have your system (or worse, your Nintendo Link account, with past purchases) banned forever from the internet is revolting.

    In the end, it’s just a freakin’ game. Oh, and these are the same people who refuse to rerelease Four Swords Anniversary Edition, the hardest Nintendo game to attain, even by hacking.

    Nintendo does not love you.

    1. You ask that question of the same people that will permanently ban people from Miiverse for simply letting out a cuss word or two every now & then or for drawing big breasted female characters in bikinis? lol I think the answer to your question is a big fat, unrepentant yes. Oh, oh! Or the people that sued a guy for charging 2 bucks, 2 whole dollars, as an entrant fee to his Pokemon party that he didn’t even get to keep as it went to paying for the expenses.

  7. It does not matter, violate the ToS/User Agreement/Law and Nintendo has the right to swing the ban hammer.

    Also I wouldn’t be surprised if Nintendo has implemented measures to detect hacked “Legit” Pokemon. Again hacking is breaking the rules as well as ruins the spirit of the game so keep your noses clean kids.

    1. Define ” “legit” ” (I put quotations over your quotations).

      But don’t hack kids, or Nintendo will seize your entire Nintendo Link account, and you won’t be able to redownload titles you paid for onto the new 3DS you have to now buy because Nintendo bricked your 3DS online access.

      Fuck! At least keep it contained within Pokemon Sun/Moon, because this is overkill.

      1. When it comes to hacking, people will either create “Legit” or “Hacked” pokemon.

        “Legit” pokemon will be pokemon that has stats that are possible within the game but they will have max IVs without doing the effort of breeding. Usually if you see someone with a entire team of shiny pokemon that is a good indication that they are hacked into the game with legitimate stats.

        “Hacked” is when the pokemon has godlike stats or abilities that is impossible through normal means.

        Either way cheating is still cheating, but seeing Nintendo taking action on pirates means that they might possibly take action against hackers as well.

        1. Also the ban isn’t harsh, piracy is no joke and what better way to learn this lesson than to be banned from everything?

          Piracy is in fact a large reason why people stop developing games for piracy prone consoles that they won’t make a dime on because of people who think that they are above the law.

          1. A ban from everything is a good idea for repeat offenders that pirate & don’t buy the game they pirated, but what about the first offenders that probably may never do it again and were probably gonna pay for it afterwards? Should they be treated the same as repeat offenders? And what if this ban is permanent? Should they be forever punished for a first time offense?

          2. Then again, repeat offenders won’t stop because they got banned from the eShop. They’ll just hack the system further til they find a hole in the security & just continue to rob Nintendo. Meanwhile, the first time offenders will either become repeat offenders themselves or they’ll stop buying from Nintendo altogether. Of course, that doesn’t mean they should stop trying to punish repeat offenders. If banning doesn’t work, there is always legal action like finding out where the perpetrator lives & having them arrested for piracy. I think that will send a bigger message & make repeaters think twice before pirating from Nintendo. It’d be more effective than permanently banning since the truly malicious will simply laugh it off & continue to steal.

  8. Piraters who are complaining about being banned from the eshop should be grateful, honestly. If they are found guilty of pirating an unreleased game (which is easy to see due to their stupidity of going online) Nintendo has every legal right to sue them, thousands of dollars plus years of jail time, in fact.

    1. How about over 100 new Pokemon (even if they have to borrow from deviantART), the return of gym leaders and HMs, and a region where Ash wins a conference for once (trophy and an invitation to the next region).

      1. ||I don’t know what you are replying to since the other one said nothing close to it, however I got that video spammer banned…||

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