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New Nintendo Switch Report Coming Tomorrow

It looks like a new report related to Nintendo Switch is on the way. It will be made by Eurogamer deputy news editor Tom Phillips tomorrow, November 18. What exactly it pertains to remains to be seen, but stay tuned for any updates. In case you aren’t familiar with Phillips, he is the one who informed everyone about the Nintendo Switch reveal before Nintendo made the actual announcement last month.



  1. I’m curious. I want the report to be right, but I also don’t at the same time. I’d rather be surprised considering we only have less than two months away from the big presentation. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the report turns out to be true. Wasn’t most of the report from months ago true or just some of it? I didn’t pay attention to the original because I thought any “leak” back then was automatically fake.

      1. Well, we didn’t know as of yesterday, GameXplain was being coy about it. Turns out it’s the RabbidsXMario RPG crossover game that’s potentially happening.


    it plays games on the tv then you can play outside whilst taking the dog for a walk and on a rooftop with youir hipster freinds

  3. It’s now Sunday where I am, so I need to ask if the Eurogamer article listing games is the report?

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