Retro Studios Is Hiring

Retro Studios is behind some of the best Nintendo games of the past few generations. However, it looks like they need some more staff. Interestingly, they put out the advert on their Twitter account. Hopefully, this shows that they are ramping up development on their next game, the studio still quiet after the release of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze back in 2014.



      1. Awesome… Maya isn’t easy tho… i’ve been trying to get the basics down for it (but then again, it took me a while to get used to photoshop, 3ds, unity, and a little bit of unreal, so maybe i’m just overthinking its complexity)


      2. I’m worried about going away from Blender 3D because I just know it so well. I’ll zone out while working on it and just be visualizing what I’m doing and it happens without me even realizing it haha


  1. Too bad there aren’t any job openings for people that can give a vivid description of characters or items. Maybe I should invest in learning how to make 3D models with minimum drawing skills.

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      1. Yeah. I could always make shoddy outline drawings of characters then add notes to it to explain what this or that should look like. I’ve seen a number of conceptual art for video games doing something similar.


      1. One of these days, before Specter of Torment releases, I’ll do a dub of Shovel Knight- I have voice ideas for all the knights of the order, the wandering heroes, and Shovel Knight himself.

        I just need to find the motivation lol

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