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THQ Nordic Working On Multiple Nintendo Switch Games

After the appearance of their logo on a list of developers committed to supporting the Switch, it seemed clear that THQ Nordic would be developing for Nintendo’s upcoming console. However, the studio has now revealed that they are currently working on two games for Switch. In an interview with Nintendo Everything, the company’s Development Director pledged their support for the console. The exact games remain a mystery, but THQ Nordic own a wide range of IPs, including both de Blob and Darksiders.



  1. The return of De Blob, one of the Wii hidden gems I haven’t played yet?

    Well I’m for it, since it’s a much better alternative to Splatoon (and possibly Paper Mario: Color Splash), especially for the 1-player with a piss-poor internet connection.

  2. Sounds good. Loved Shadow run back in the days. That game would be so cool to revive in a modern version. Game actually start whit you waking up inside the morgue.
    But yeah they have the quantum break game and stuff now. The blob 2 would probably work. Alan wake should work.
    To answer the above question Metroid trilogy here is the price.
    Some time it goes for half price (on the Wii U they have been migrating like on or 2 games every week and first week allways half price so will probably be like that on the Nintendo Switch to):

  3. Hope Joe it’s working in Darksiders III for Switch, that alone could be a seller, for at least 1 year exclusivity, good deal. :)

  4. Sigh…too bad THQ aren’t allowed to bring back HD/remaster versions of WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF: Wrestlemania 2000 and WWF: No Mercy…. (so many IP and title properties just in this thought will never allow it to happen.

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  6. Too late. I’ve decided Darksiders is gonna be another PlayStation exclusive series for me. Already got Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition digitally for PS4 so now to just get Darksiders Warmastered Edition on there.

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