Nintendo Begins Commemorating Kirby’s 25th Anniversary

The Kirby series will celebrate its 25th anniversary next year, and Nintendo has begun commemorating this milestone by creating a Kirby Twitter account. The first tweet consists of an adorable GIF featuring Kirby and several Waddle Dee characters; you can check it out below. Kirby made his debut back in 1992 in Kirby’s Dream Land on Game Boy. The latest game in the series is Kirby: Planet Robobot, which was released earlier this year for Nintendo 3DS.



    1. with all the current leaks for Nintendo switch, I don’t think they could squeeze in a Kirby game in the line up, probably will relese in 2018

      1. That’s what happens when someone change the graphics and art style to a chibi style that nobody likes.

        1. Aaaand here we go again.

          You do realize you annoy *everyone* when you do this? And no, it’s not a “fake” you, like you’ve said- your username redirects to your same channel no matter what comment it is, I checked.

          You’re treading a shaky bridge like this.

          1. }{ Sir… All I have done in this instance is point out a harsh reality… If others don’t like it, that isn’t my fault, as I didn’t create the game… Nintendo did “celebrate” the 30th anniversary, we all just didn’t like how they did it… To say they ignored it is a lie… }{

      1. Considering it’s a shitty spin off, we would have rather have gotten nothing at all. Kid Icarus got lucky with getting nothing as it could have gotten a very shitty, rushed spin off like Metroid did instead.

        1. well at least it shows that metroid isnt dead in nintendos eyes . i dont think nintendo never even sent out a tweet mentioning kid Icarus 30th anniversary. not even a simple tweet

  1. I love Kirby and it is my favorite Nintendo franchise! They are so thrilling and fun to play especially mainline titles like Return to Dreamland, Amazing Mirror and 64

  2. Kirby fan since the first game! Biggest fan of the franchise. Planet Robobot was a AMAZING. Kirby Super star is still a gaming master piece and huge influence on the smash brothers series. Kirby and HAL have had amazing impact on gaming that does not get ENOUGH attention but this great. I love Kirby!

        1. Storyline. I could have sworn that telling people to shut up for no reason was a favourite past time of yours.

          You’re a sad excuse of a human being.

  3. I’d make a comment about how a certain fan-favorite sci-fi series about life-draining jellyfish got no special treatment for its 30th anniversary, buuut it looks like that’s been done already.

    Anyway, I might not be a huge Kirby fan, but I’m glad to see it’s still going strong.

    1. Sadly, it got shitty treatment with that abomination they released. :/ Sometimes getting nothing at all is better than getting something.

  4. Kirby has been my main in Smash Bros, now got replaced by Peach or Zelda, still use him sometimes. Epic Yarn was an amazing game, wish they would add more difficulty on the games as an option.

  5. Kirby is overrated due to iwata and super smash bros, i am not disrespecting iwata but it is disgusting how they ignore other franchises.

    1. Kirby isn’t overrated. He’s been around since 1999, was a successful sell for getting the gameboy out there and introducing people to gaming. Kirby Super Star is a masterpiece game from the SNES that would later influence how the Smash Brother games play. From it’s guard, to master hand, to the way action is mapped out, that’s all thanks to KSS.

      It’s not Kirby’s fault that other franchises don’t get celebrated. That’s on their own creators or Nintendo. Hal Lab specifically works on Kirby and has for YEARS. Kirby is their main thing and so they happily celebrate Kirby in their own games and for events.

      This reminds me of all the whining people did cause the 20th anniversary game compilation Wii title for Kirby was better than the Mario one. Same complaints. That Nintendo didn’t love their other franchises enough.

      It’s not Hal’s fault they actually love their own special creation vs Nintendo just throws some roms on a disc and calls it a day. lol. HAL just gives more a damn about their main money maker and actually loves Kirby (Which is very apparent in their games).

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