Nintendo Unveils New Kirby Artwork For Christmas

Nintendo has unveiled a new piece of Christmas-themed artwork, starring characters from the Kirby franchise. It depicts Kirby snoozing away in a cozy igloo as King Dedede plays the role of Santa Claus with his Waddle Dee trying to fulfill the duties of his reindeer. Meta Knight can also be spotted in Santa’s er… King Dedede’s sleigh. You can check out the new artwork below. Next year will be a big one for the Kirby series, as it will celebrate its 25th anniversary.




  1. I’m so sick of seeing that lame ass Kirby edition amiibo of Meta Knight every time I go looking for the Smash version! Fuck you, NoA! As Dio Brando of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures would put it while hamming it up to show his utter disdain & disgust: Worthless, worthless, worthless, worthLESS, worthLESS, worthLESS, WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS, WORTHLESS!!!

  2. Oh & cool picture! Very festive! :D

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