Mario Kart 64 Is Coming To The NA Wii U Virtual Console Tomorrow

The Nintendo 64 classic Mario Kart 64 will be arriving to the North American Wii U Virtual console tomorrow.

The original title was released in Japan in 1996, followed by North America and Europe in 1997. It then arrived to the European and Australian Wii U Virtual Console in January this year, and is finally being released for North America too.

The VC version is compatible with the standard Wii U Gamepad, the Pro Controller, and the Wii Remote paired with the Classic Controller.



  1. 1. It’s about time; what do those clowns at NoA do when they’re not needlessly censoring games?
    2. Wait to buy if you have it on Wii already in case there’s no discount available at first like the last few games had a problem with.

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    1. I’m 100000000000% sure they censored Dragon Ball Fusions, they changed real swords with wooden ones and that is the only censor they did, oh, it was Bandai-Namco that did that.


  2. Why would anyone buy another virtual console game for the wiiU when we know they will be coming out with classic editions of the consoles? When we know the Nintendo Switch is coming and we’ll have to buy it again?


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