Video: Check Out The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time Running On Unreal Engine 4

ContraNetwork has uploaded footage of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, but it’s not the version you’re used to seeing. It is a demo of the game running on Unreal Engine 4, and they even released the demo for people to try out themselves. If you want to check out the demo video, we’ve included it down below. As for the download, if you’d like to get it, you can do so here.



    1. Fucking did it? Fucking did it fucking suck? Thats so fucking fucked. Fuckity fuck fuck, ya know? Fuck fuck fuck. You sound like a 12 year old who just learned that word. Whats true for shrimp cocktail is true for swearing my friend. Always in moderation. Fuck.

    1. Pretty sure it won’t kill ya for them to post something that some of us haven’t seen before. Besides, it’s High Def Zelda, who cares how old it is!

  1. It’s beautiful and all, but the animations are odd, it’s not right to complain though, because it’s fan made and one or a few people did this, not an entire production or team. Well, it’s really dazzling nonetheless.

  2. the reason a lot of these vids annoy me is because the environment is made more real in by UE4 but the character model is kept relatively the same aesthetically. If you’re going to drastically change one its important you change the other so they fit together. I mean its still good work but its an annoyance of mine

  3. OMG it’s amazing… I am feeling out over this…the OoT we deserve but will never get, because Nintendo makes so much fucking money selling us the same games over and over.

    This is really just a taste of what Nintendo could do if they wanted to.

    1. ||All the pointless graphics you all so want means nothing if it has the same civilian difficulty…||

    2. ||And what happened to your own base launch you said you would do one human week ago?…||

  4. Holy shit!!!! People bitching about Wii U remakes and now people bitching about not getting remakes. I swear some of you assholes would somehow find a way to complain about winning the lottery or having a one night stand with a Victoria’s Secret model…. I promise it’s gonna be ok!!!! You all are still special, unique, participation trophy deserving little snowflakes! Yawn…. Entitlement used to be a shortcoming of the few, now it’s a cancer plaguing us all.

    1. You should really be careful, you’re going to throw out your back bending over so often for Nintendo.

    2. ^Observe the native fanboy freaking out in his natural environment. There are some pretty hardcore Ninty fans on this site, as there should be, but Hatersgonnahate and his hypocritical comments prove the kool-aid has not run dry!

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