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Nvidia’s CEO Says That People Are Going To Be “Blown Away” When They See The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch event is just a few days away, and Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, is very hyped about it. And he thinks you will be too. He recently did a keynote speech at CES, and a press event was held in relation to it. Questions were answered, but only one Nintendo-related question was answered. The question was “since you expanded the Shield TV with all these new features, do you have a border with the Nintendo Switch? Is there anything you’re not going to do, like more tablet work? Is there some way that the Switch fits in with the Shield TV ecosystem”? Huang’s answer was that “Nintendo Switch is a game console. It’s very Nintendo. That entire experience is going to be very Nintendo. The beauty of that company, the craft of that company, the philosophy of that company—they’re myopically, singularly focused on making sure that the gaming experience is amazing, surprising, and safe for young people, for children. Their dedication to their craft, that singular dedication, is quite admirable. When you guys all see Switch, I believe people are going to be blown away, quite frankly. It’s really delightful. But it has nothing to do with AI.”


89 thoughts on “Nvidia’s CEO Says That People Are Going To Be “Blown Away” When They See The Nintendo Switch”

  1. get it down to 200$ by holidays 2017, and announce plethora of color options and special editions, and you win.

    1. maybe they win, but who will they win? at a 200 dollar pricetag this would only appeal to casuals who aren’t interested in a good device. I want good battery life, I want the system to feel good in your hands and not as plasticy as the WiiU pad does, I want a good screen without (too many) compromises, I want good hardware capable of delivering great experiences, I want enough storage space to store lots of games.
      At 200 bucks these things aren’t possible and I personally would totally pay 350 bucks for this system if it at least meets some of these requirements.
      Ppl always ask for lower pricetags, but don’t understand that a system with 2 separate controllers that have their own batteries, a hub-controller that’s also able to charge them, a multitouch-gyroscope device with a (i guess)720p screen, and another battery that needs to be charged, performance that should be faster than a WiiU while having far less space available (which, no, is not easy to do) and a charging unit that’s also a connection to the TV, that all of this will hopefully come at a price. Because if not, the Switch would be a real shame, not ever being able to enfold its potential. And I guess Nintendo knows that. So I hope they’re aiming for at least 300 bucks and hopefully more. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not rich and I know that I probably the only one who really hopes for a higher pricetag, but when I held the WiiU gamepad in my hands for the first time, I really had to swallow down a certain disappointment over how that system felt in my hands and how that screen looked to me. I still like that console, but if the WiiU was the best Nintendo was able to do 4 years ago for 300-350 bucks, don’t ask them for lower the pricetag. Nintendo might still be interested in selling the Switch at a profit as well, so they might not even be able tolower the price more than possible.

      1. I’m not going to read that entirely.
        But if it is around 250$ price range at launch, they can very well cut 50$ off of it by the end of the year.
        At 200$ they can sell units just because they are different colors/themes to people who already owns the system.
        But we’ll see soon enough what Switch is all about.

        1. Just stop it with your casual (I want a console for $200 or less bullshit!)

          Seriously, this is why actual core gamers get stuck with casual children inspired hardware and as an extension children inspired software.. Because of so called gamers (cough casual) like YOU!

          Quit being a cheap ass and pay up or if you can’t afford it just save. You pay for what you get and I along with many others want a powerful Nintendo system for once and are willing to pay $350 or more for it.
          Hell I would pay $430 for a powerful Nintendo..

          1. abso-fucking-lutely SIR!
            I mean I kinda disagree with that 430$ thing but that won’t happen anyways. I understand that Nintendo has to find some balance between creating something ‘for the gamers’ that’s able to deliver immersive state of the art stuff (or at least something that feels like it as the switch wont really perform like a PS4 anyways) and something parents would buy their kids more likely. And more likely means more affordable. So no, Nintendo won’t jump on the high-end train too soon and that’s OK for Nintendo. But within that space wheer the switch could either be a cheap, underutilized and underpowered, yet very affordable system and the best compromise between tech, mobility, value and a pricetag that’s still OK, I’d hope for the latter for reasons I already mentioned. We have smartphones that feel like gems in our hands, have screens with such a high density, oyu could use a loupe to find pixels and with performance that even delivers VR stuff … and then I buy a tablet gaming system that feels like a plastic toy where I can count the pixels from a yard away? That’s how the WiiU Gamepad appeals to me (and again, I still like my WiiU very much, but not the design decisions Nintendo made).

          2. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

            I can’t believe I’m about to do this because of that name but… *hits the like button* :/

            1. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

              When did some people become so fucking lazy that a comment like validvalid is too long to read?

                1. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

                  Unless you are a doctor or nurse & your patient is dying, you can take 2-3 minutes to read something. And must not be THAT busy if you’re on a comment section on a news blog about your hobby instead of say focusing on your work.

                    1. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

                      Like I said, must not be THAT busy at your job if you have the time to get on a comment section & be a smartass when someone tries to explain to you why 200 bucks is a stupid price for a brand new home console with portability & power that’s only 1 year or 2 old while writing off their comment as “too long” & be a little bitch when someone calls you out for being LAZY by assuming they don’t have a family or a life. And I don’t need to have a job to know I shouldn’t be on a comment section during work hours if I’m supposedly sooo busy!

                      I’m sorry if this comment is too long for you. I’d hate to make you take a minute out of your apparently busy job. Oh & in case you missed it because the article might have been too long for you to read, Nintendo said they won’t be selling at a loss so you can hang it up with hoping for a price cut. If you can’t afford to save money up for a 300 or more console, maybe you shouldn’t be gaming.

              1. It’s OK. Kids these days need something new every 5 seconds and can’t focus on a paragraph of text. I mean it’s not OK, but he/she isn’t the first one. People prefer to waste their time in checking their facebook status for the 100th time within 3 minutes than to stay focused on what? A little paragraph of text?
                Thanks for coming through for me!

                1. look, it’s actually pretty simple: you state that the Switch needs to be sold at 200$, I explain to you why this shouldn’t and cannot happen. You don’t read it and answer in a way that proves you should read it to understand it. But you don’t so when the Switch launches and doesn’t drop to your beloved 200$, you will end up disappointed. If you would have read my ‘wall of text’ (lazy ;D ) there’d be a chance you’d understand why it cannot and should not be like you said and wouldn’t be disappointed.

                  So please be my guest, be disappointed. Funny how these days especially the people who don’t wanna read stuff are the most loud and angry voices of this world.

                  1. sorry, I guess this was too much text once again. maybe I shoud work at some tabloid press to learn how to get everything covered with a one-liner despite it completely distorting reality.

                  2. Ok, I did not claim it needs to be sold at 200$.
                    I am prepared to pay up to 350€ for the thing.
                    I was just saying, if the device launches at 250$, as some rumors indicate, and which could be a possibility. They would sell special editions just for the sake of it when they can lower the price to 200$, like they have done with their handheld line since GameBoy Color.

                    1. It would still mean they’d have to create one hell of a cheap product to sell it for 200 bucks by the end of the year. I mean, sure, it could totally happen. But it would be a worst case scenario for me and I would probably even skip it. And I’m a Nintendo sheep since the NES days and am pretty optimistic about the Switch so far, but if they throw everything aboard that would make it a valid experience for me, I’m out.

                      1. If the launch price was 250$, they would not really need to cut price for just for the sake of selling extra consoles, the console will most likely sell out until summer.
                        But it really all just depend how they deliver the event.
                        Its only 2 and half days away now

              1. OK, here’s simple logic:
                Please don’t answer answers you haven’t read. The result is just facepalming. If I’m using more words than you can handle, it’s OK. But don’t answer like you would’ve read it while also stating that you haven’t. It doesn’t make sense and looks pretty strange.

        2. You’re not the only one. Shit I would pay $600 if it was THE system true fans have been wanting forever. The nintendo system that outshines sony and microsoft in gameplay, graphics, storage, you name it. I’m personally tired of having to settle with nintendo. And I’ve been with them since NES. It tends to be the younger fans who haven’t been around long enough that want the cheap price, and say graphics don’t matter. They have ALWAYS mattered. Nintendo 64s big thing was that it had twice the bits as saturn and PS1. Nintendo fucked up cause they used cartridge instead of discs, so 3rd parties like square left. Older fans tend to be able to realize that having the same games as other systems that look weaker and have less options is a bad deal. And people who say “Oh if you care about graphics you should game on PC derp” are idiots. If I wanted to game on a PC I would. Some people just prefer the console experience, but want the best they can get for what it is. Why is it that people who want good gameplay, story, AND graphics get shunned?

          1. But the Switch isn’t too far from the PS4 and Xbox One in terms of power…..raw power is where it’s lacking due to its form factor. The Switch’s graphics will be in the ballpark of a PS4 and a Xbox One so I wouldn’t worry too much….especially with the fantastic engineering capabilities of Nvidia. You have to remember that 500 plus man hours when into developing the Switch system….that much work and effort isn’t put into a system unless it has some great technical capabilities. The Switch will be able to run the same games as the PS4 and Xbox One are capable of and to be honest…that is all that matters when you think about it as far as 3rd party support is concerned

            1. I hope you’re right, I have seen so much on either side, saying it’s weaker than xbone and closer to wii u, but all just rumors. Then people say if you expected a portable console to be in the ball park of PS4 you’re stupid. I don’t need PC graphics, but I would like graphics in the ball park. Especially if I’ve had to buy 2 systems in one generation and still don’t have the same power as the others. I’m not really a portable guy, so I don’t know how much I’ll use it. I’m sure it will get some appreciation from me, but I would rather they had a system with ball park power then a system with portability. If it’s pretty close, I’ll be ok with that. I’m just tired of having the uglier looking games with gimped features for the last two gens. I’ve been with nintendo since NES and so I know that power has always been a thing for them UNTIL the wii. And there were always other factors that prevented their more powerful systems from succeeding. 64 not having cartridges caused square and others to leave, and FF7 and games like that helped sony take the lead. PS2 was the weakest but not by too much, and had the dvd player that drove up tons of sales. Wii was the weakest and had the most sales initially but after casuals left, sony and microsoft started catching up later in the gen. Power is not the only thing that matters, but you should ALWAYS strive to compete and be in the ball park. The day nintendo said they no longer will directly compete with sony and microsoft was a sad day. Technology evolves, life evolves, we evolve. Enjoying good graphics shouldn’t be a bad thing. Then again, not enjoying a game cause its graphics aren’t good isn’t a good thing either. Yes a game can look bad but play great. But you can have both. People talk about innovation with nintendo, it wasn’t till the wii that they stopped using traditional controllers as their main thing, and that’s when people REALLY started getting divided on if they were sticking with nintendo or not. So when people say “nintendo doesn’t need graphics, they have innovations, that’s their style, otherwise it would be a clone of the others,” I get mad. No, it would NOT be a clone. SNES and Sega were quite different, Gamecube PS2 and xbox were all quite different, etc. The games make the difference, not wii remotes and gamepads. The games that nintendo has always had and how nice they looked were always the sellers. Initially wii remotes sold, till people saw how lame it was. Even motion plus wasn’t even close enough to as accurate as people expected. It’s one of those things that if it’s not perfected, shouldn’t be released. These are all my opinions, and I’ve grown tired of ranting on about them haha, I’m getting lost on where I am at in the text and yea it wasn’t supposed to turn into this long drawn out granpda-gamer complaint about the good old days hahaha.

              1. Well to be fair, I think the Gamecube’s lackluster sales kinda persuaded Nintendo to go in another direction. The GameCube was not only more powerful than the PS2 but also cheaper and even had decent 3rd party support and still finished dead last. I think because of that Nintendo decided that maybe them competing in the power department wasn’t the best idea. What sells systems are games and we both know that the PS2 and Wii had lots of them……well…the Wii had a lot of shovelware too but still. What’s the key for the Switch’s success is gonna be how frequent Nintendo can get games out and how much trust 3rd parties have for the system. It is fun to agree to disagree but we should give the Switch a chance but trying to write it off before it even comes to the market

                1. There are many factors that help systems to sell well, good marketing being foremost among them. Witness Sega and Nintendo during the 16-bit era. The Genesis was weaker than the SNES to be sure, but Sega had no problem promoting it as the “faster” console, with “blast processing”, etc. It was brilliant. Sonic, with all his attitude and speed, was just too much for Nintendo’s hardware to handle…supposedly. The point is, power does matter in the sense that the weakest console can win the console war if it’s marketed as the most powerful or cutting edge one–the PS2. And, likewise, it can lose even when it really is the most powerful–the PS3.

                  The obvious truth is that success is a combination of price, power, solid first and third party games, and, most importantly, good marketing. Nintendo is going to nail it with price, 1st party games, and marketing (all the hype so far is due to good marketing, after all), but they are going to blow it with regard to 3rd party games and power. They’ve checked all the same boxes that they did with the Wii, so I expect this console to be moderately successful, but not a smash hit. Because Nintendo is again introducing innovations that nobody asked for nor wanted. These are known as gimmicks.

                2. Gamecube also was looked down upon by a lot of gamers as the toaster kid console, (I love the design), and microsoft had just come in taunting how they were for big kids, so that kinda helped on top of ps2 getting a lot of games (which is also due to the fact that lots of 3rd party had jumped ship to sony from the 64 like I mentioned). We can’t really say for sure if gamecube would have done better if this had happened or that. Having a good amount of games for the switch is one of the two key things that are important, that and the power being at least ball park I would say. In 3 days, 5 hours, and 11 minutes we find out though. I haven’t written the console off, but I don’t have high hopes. I want to, but I have been crushed too many times. I’d rather be very happily surprised and ready to rush to gamestop the next day though if it turns out to be a fire system.

                3. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

                  Nintendo trying to be different is going to be the death of them some day. Being different did the N64 & GCN no favors. Making the Wii & Wii U even more different from the competition worked for 3 years for Wii & just 2 years for Wii U but ruined them after that. If Switch continues the trend of trying to be vastly different from the competition, I give the Switch 2-4 years before it either ends up like another Wii or like another Wii U. *sigh* But I digress. My hype & confidence for Switch is already terribly low, below 25%, & this conversation isn’t doing me any favors so I have to stop here. Now to go back to waiting for the 12th.

            2. Ok…we have to get this straight…..

              They said “we put hundreds of engineering years into the system”

              That is roughly 500 people….16hour days, 6 days a week, for three years or so at least.

              When I read that is was hundreds of engineering years I was blown away. I tried many different ways of getting how long it would take if done by people working moderately really hard.

    2. Because Nvidia and their CEO are really proud of the technology they develop. I believe the Switch will be amazing!

    3. Guys there is a hint there! “It has nothing to do with ai” Could it mean that the switch use the same chip that those ai cars use? If so that shit will be powerful enough to run 1080p 60 frames!

      1. The Wii U and PS3 both had 1080p60 games. Don’t use that as the bar for performance.

        I don’t think he was hinting at anything with the AI comment. The chip that the Switch is rumored to be based off, the Tegra X1, already is a chip that AI cars.

        1. Yet how many games are running in 1080p at 60fps are on the Wii U and PS3?
          PS3 upscaled to 1080p and was mainly a 720p Native system.
          Wii U only had a hand full of 1080p 60fps games but that was due to their art style.

          I’m sorry but your argument is invalid

          1. The point is, a game can run in 1080p/60 on any if those consoles, in some if then it just didn’t make mich sense, since the games would look like garbage then.
            In the other hand you can make a game that can not run in 1080p/60 in any system because they are all not powerfull enough.

            So no, it is not a bar for performance.

          2. Actually his argument is very valid. Towards the end of the generation the ps3 had a TON of games running at 60fps at 1080p. The thing is, they were all small indies. The same as the Wii U. Thats the reason why you dont use framerate or resolution as a base for power, at least not entirely. Because a version of pong could easily run at 4k with 60 frames on a mid range pc, amybe even on a turd if the game is very well optimized.

    4. A tiny piece of Iwatas soul is in each Switch. This is how Switch is made possible. Wheb you play Breathe of the Wild thank Iwata for his energy driving those 1080p graphics.

      Without Iwata this other worldly console\handheld hybrid Nintendo\Nvidia TV device would not be possible.

      Thanks Iwata for making our dreams reality.

        1. It means what it has always meant. Nintendo is the only company that has a bigger focus on family and kids while also releasing content for (sort of) adults or grown ups. Can kids play with a PSVR? No they cannot. would I let my kids play with my PS4? not really because what would they play there? Nintendo’s the place for them and because of that it’s also the place for me. And if Nintendo manages to not piss off 3rd parties within the first few months, games like Skyrim might even be released after that system’s launch window.
          In the end, it just means that everything Nintendo does needs to be safe, usable and appealing to kids. It doesn’t mean that mature content isn’t possible. And it’s the right thing to do, especially for a company like Nintendo.

          1. “It doesn’t mean that mature content isn’t possible.”

            Yeah, I want to believe that way as well. We just saw how Federation Force showed us how much Nintendo considers Metroid a franchise intended for a mature audience.

            And, amazingly enough, when we were around 10 years old, we used to play Metroid and Super Metroid on the NES/SNES.

            We need a new Metroid game ASAP. Besides that, a new Sin and Punishment and a new Eternal Darkness.

            Am I asking too much?

            1. No you aren’t and I’m kinda with you. But think about how Metroid skipped the N64 era as well. And I think it wasn’t a bad thing. I tend to respect that Nintendo doesn’t (always) force iterations of games just for them to be there. I just played through the MP-trilogy and gotta say, after Corruption the mechanics just get pretty repetitive. I don’t want to play this all over once again just with better graphics so it’s OK if they take their time to find someting that would make real sense sitting next to a previous game of the series without feeling like some remastered version of what we played over and over again. And I believe that’s the reason why they did Other M (and failed). They were just trying too hard to find some different take on the mechanics that also works but yeah, turns out ppl don’t wanna play Metroid for the story, but for the gameplay. On the WiiU though, a new Metroid might have been still too similar to games we know and just like Nintendo hasn’t done a FZero game in ages as it wouldn’t differ from FZero GX or like they didn’t do a Star Fox game on the Wii as they couldn’t fugure out how to make something that would do the series justice (yeah I know they might not have with SF Zero as well, but I guess they tried) they might just wait for time and tech to get where they want it to be.

              But I believe that on upcoming tech (and I hope this already includes the Switch) they could already change Metroids core gameplay thanks to better tech in a way that could even justify a very straight forward iteration of the game. Meaning that if they could get rid of the always repeating enemies, the loading sections, include physics stuff and create the environments more active and less passive, it could already change how gamer’s play the game in a similar way, how the new Zelda changes core paradigms of the Zelda series to make Hyrule great again. So yeah, I have some hope this could just be, what the Switch is meant to be for and being able to play this on the go (or just on the toilet) plus then adding the improved visuals of modern tech actually creates hype where they didn’t even announce anything. But it’s always a silver lining between hype and hope.

        2. They showed zero kids in the Switch trailer. It’s pretty clear they’re trying to emphasize that it’s for all ages.

    5. It has nothing to do with AI because that’s what they came to CES for, not to talk about the switch.
      Their whole presence was about AI for cars… or mostly anyhow..
      It was part of the quote that was not needed and could have been left out.
      He meant it has nothing to do with why NVIDIA is at CES.

    6. I’m very, very curious what these NVidia-quotes really do mean. I mean, if they knew the Switch would just be a huge compromise and the tech would be ‘better than nothing’ would they really post these messages so often?
      Really makes me dream of a world where they would just be honest about it, because it’s really gonna blow our minds. 3 days to go, I’m so pumped!

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    8. Nah, pure PR talk. Never saw any company saying “oh, maybe our product is not the one people want; we cannot ensure by ourselves we made the best decision in designing it the way it is.”

      Not that the Switch will be a disaster, of course. I have high hopes it can put Nintendo on top of charts again.

      1. Not just “pure PR talk”… just basically NDA talk as well. The CEO doesn’t want to give away any information about Nintendo’s home/mobile hybrid system until this Thursday night (the Americas).

        1. Thats exactly why,
          but the people just rather boo hoo and cry
          just because Nintendo is smart on being shy.

          And if they gave away their stuff in R&D,
          then we know sony would copy,
          and that aint a big Maybe.

          So hurry on and listen to them “****h” while I Grunty is saving for the Nintendo Switch
          Im Gruntilda the Rhyming WITCH.

          1. King Kalas X3 (Ridley 4 Smash Switch!)

            Except Sony has the general idea Nintendo is focusing on, so if they are gonna copy Nintendo, they are most likely already working on their own idea right now & don’t need to know anything more than that.

        2. Yeah, yeah, I see what you mean. In fact, they are kind of hyping, making people scratch their heads to attract attention towards Switch.

          This is more than fair.

    9. Until the 12th, Check out the Kia Stinger Gt, it will make you melt.

      That Kia Stinger GT is one hell of a design. I want that car to be mines!

      The Kia Stinger I want in blue
      and would love to go to Best Buy and by the Switch too.

      Im Grunty the rhyming witch, hurry and Nintendo buy so I can get off the Xbox and into the Switch.

    10. Peaple please calm down yes it is pure PR but he dont need to answer he can say. The switch is Nintendo we nust provide the gpu for it si we will not talk about it…like amd did with PS4 pro and scorpio..they say we are working in 2 gpu for 2 consoles coming out in 2016 and 2017…but he say it will blow your mind that do not means is super powerful just that it is something new that wecwill like also the comments about kids do not means is for kid if not that it is kids safe…think about it….is strong (talking about the screen will not crack as easy as the ipad)…have games kids can play….online with a good parenntal control…lets wait until january 12 an we will know if is something we will buy or we will skip and his comment about AI he just say doont think the switch will do all the things like the shield tv dose with google assistence ar ther new nvidia spots because the switch is a gameing console.

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    12. Nvidia said it would be amazing and they’re the leading developer of GPUs (amoung many other things), so I’d say it’s safe trust that it will be powerful. And efficient too!

    13. Anyone who hates Nintendo or doesn’t see them relevant will not be blown away, even if the switch is a beast for what it is they will always downplay Nintendo all will dick riding their preferred system (Sony-drones, Xbots, PCMaster Supremacist, I don’t call them that but that is what Quadraxis and a select few will call them). I just want the system to be beefy enough to play the majority of current games and 7th gen with upgraded graphics. I also would like to see Nintendo do something with a way to play physical Wii U games in the form of an accessory like an external Wii U disk drive, I’d pay for one.

    14. “They’re myopically, singularly focused on making sure that the gaming experience is amazing, surprising, and safe for young people, for children.”


    15. The Kia Stinger Gt is All Wheel Drive,
      I cant wait to tease Bruntilda as I drive by.

      Obviously this Rhyming Witch can care less about what powers the Nintendo Switch.

      All I want is Pikmin 4 once I enter Best Buy’s doors. And of course I want Splantons a game I very much adore.

    16. Of course I cant forget Ukelaylee,
      now thats a game Grunty will be playing daily.

      I Grunty am glad that my rhymes will be given to the vilian,
      while I wil be in Xbox’s vault chilling.

    17. Did I tell you that Kia Stinger is one hell of a design. I really like how Kia designed those lines.

      That Stingers has enough power to blow a hole in someone’s behind.

      The Stinger has a twin turbo V6 kicking 365
      That car is mines.

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