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Nintendo NY Says Limited Number Of Nintendo Switch Pre-orders On January 13th 9am

It begins! Yes, the Nintendo NY Store has tweeted that a limited number of Nintendo Switch units will be available to pre-order on January 13th at 9am. Hopefully everyone who visits the store will be able to get a console ordered but it sounds like you’re going to have to face a lengthy queue. Hopefully pre-orders elsewhere won’t be limited in quantity.


    1. You do realise that, depending on the retailers actual ability to stock the item, you may well not be fine? Shops and sites allowing people to preorder products months both any stock or price information is available is one scenario that tends to lead to a sizeable amount of disappointed customers.

        1. I would assume Irish stock comes through the same channels as UK stock. I’ve lived in the Channel Islands, Cardiff, Edinburgh and various towns in England and have had issues throughout my life when it comes to sourcing Nintendo products locally/in actual stores. I can honestly see the Switch being massively understocked everywhere at launch, so whilst I hope you do get your preordered purchase without issue, all I’m saying is don’t take it as an utter certainty!

          1. Its pretty much gonna be a a memory and after thought by 2018 the thing is doomed from the start !!! Get hyped as much as u like but its just a gimmicky tablet at the end of the day and none have succeeded before and nintendo wont succeed with this . What we really needed was a back to basics aproach from nintendo with a POWERFUL GRAPHICALY based console focusing on next generation gaming !! Not some handheld with rehashed wiiu software like whats about to be their next release ! Shame really nintendo used to lead at the front in their console designs and software ,nowadays they’re more like court jester with some silly whimsical jokes giving us somthing to laugh about and never being taken seriously . Just a bunch of sad clowns with a bad case of back in the day the crowds would come from all over to admire our shows ,now just catering for the simple few still believing that the good times will be back . Oh the good old days ……………………………………sniff

    1. Sure it’s only gonna be one store. It’s not like Nintendo has never done shitty stock worldwide before. OH WAIT!!!

      1. Yeah, people need to understand, Nintendo fucks up hardware launches… it’s not a good thing.. it’s not a bad thing… it’s just a fact. It doesn’t even determine if Switch will be successful or not. That’s how they roll!!

    1. Considering it’s a new console, and not a miniaturized version of their first one, you’d think there would be more.

      Hopefully just being in line upon opening means you can get a preorder, and the stores only get enough to fill those; you snooze you lose.

  1. This is so fucking stupid. Preorders shouldn’t be limited. In fact, this would give Nintendo a chance to gauge demand! Honestly! Who’s the dumb son of a bitch in charge of manufacturing in Nintendo!?

    1. And if they don’t have enough for launch day preorders, you have a good month & something weeks to make fucking more! *sigh* Someone should go to Nintendo of America, Europe, Japan, etc & give every single person there a good smack in the back of the head with a bat!

    2. It has nothing to do with manufacturing. By limiting the number of available preorders, it sells out quicker, meaning headlines reading “Switch Sold Out!” will be hitting newsfeeds faster, and the second people start seeing it’s sold out, they’ll want it, and it’ll go on and on. It’s more to attract the attention of outsiders than those of us who already plan on preordering the console.

      It’s the new Nintendo patented formula lol

      1. Well it’s a shitty formula that also has the effect of making people spend their saved up money elsewhere. I bet there will be hundreds that will go buy a PS4 Pro instead if they either can’t get the Switch day 1 or don’t feel like going through the hassle of finding a Switch. Nintendo doesn’t think about the dark side of the force, I mean formula!

      1. I do have a habit of forgetting that fact. It’s sad they have to resort to such unethical tactics to sale consoles these days.

  2. ANYWAY… Just less than 30 hours away from the full Switch reveal. Let’s hope it’s all what those of us that aren’t sheep or donkeys (referencing the donkey from that Family Guy clip I shared a few days ago) for Nintendo are hoping for!

  3. “Hoping for the best”….. Me too friend, me too. I still love my Nintendo and all, but even I’ll admit that for some time now they’ve been leaving me with one empty hand and another that reeks of shit….

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