Nintendo Switch

Newest Breath Of The Wild Screenshot Shows Link Sailing Through The Sky

With the Switch event just days away, you’d assume they’d keep all the new Breath of the Wild stuff until then. However, Nintendo have just released a new screenshot from the upcoming game. This picture shows Link parasailing through a beach area. While it is nothing groundbreaking, the screenshot is more proof of how beautiful the game is. Check it out below.





  1. Nothing groundbreaking!? What if that thing is really the hull of a ship and was left there when the waters of the great sea resided? But I guess it does look more like the hollow trunk of a giant fallen tree that you could shield surf down.

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    1. Please, come on :(

      That would have been a cool thing to find in-game, and speculate if whether that’s the Deku Tree or not. Please take it off twitter :(


      1. If Nintendo is posting screen shots, then you need to expect a Nintendo site to report on it.

        If you don’t want ANY spoilers, stop reading all Nintendo related stuff until after Zelda’s release? It’s not like the game was hacked, Nintendo is putting this stuff into the wild.

        Just saying!


      2. As long as they don’t pull a Hyrule Warriors where they reveal every single fucking character in the game before it’s out, I’m good.


  2. If the Switch has a trophy/achievement system, I could see parasailing through something like that being one such trophy to get.


  3. Guys! I just realized! There are other such trees throughout the world. In front of the cliff where Link leaps off in the E3 2016 trailer there is another such tree. What if these are the trees leftover from the Great Sea that the Koroks planted in Wind Waker. Their goal for planting all of the trees was to soak up the waters of the Great Sea and reveal more land.


    1. They weren’t soaking up water but growing land OVER Hyrule. What the Koroks were doing is meant to bury Hyrule forever, not restore it.


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