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Shovel Knight Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

One of the best 2D platformers of recent times, Shovel Knight, is heading to the Nintendo Switch. Yacht Club games have written on their official blog that Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment will be released for Nintendo’s next generation console. You can read more details on the official blog.

Wow, Switch! Awesome, Specter of Torment! But wait? What’s Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove?! We don’t have time to explain quite yet…we have even more announcements!



    1. True, but it plays soooo well on the 3DS. Plus, 3D. I will buy Shovel Knight on every piece of hardware I can. I love the storytelling and I want to support the devs with my wallet.

    1. Each expansion has a refreshed story and skill set . Methinks you don’t know about Shovelknight

      1. Same shit, different name. Stop milking the same nostalgia NES retro cuck shit and make a new game. I’m sick of seeing Shovel shit shilled constantly.

        You can’t survive on one game.

  1. If Nintendo cares about their fans & customers more than their own wallets & bank account, they WILL NOT charge us to get digital games we have on Wii U on to the Switch.

  2. just sayin… remember in the 80’s when we had to pay 49.99 for a single game like shovel knight on the nes…the game may be done in retro style, but it’s the same programming job that went into it just with less eye candy. so 20 bucks for a game, even if it’s the same game but on a different console is fine by me. you like to pay once, do it on pc and don’t bother other people with it.

    1. “Go to PC if you don’t like paying multiple times!” Such a Nintendo fanboy response to Nintendo milking people dry of their money. Enjoy paying 10 then 2 then another 2 then another 2 & another and another. I’m sorry if you’re too dumb to realize that shit stacks up over time so you end up paying more than just 10 bucks for an old game.

      This is one of the reasons why Nintendo is getting their asses kicked because Ninty listens to idiots that are willing to pay up to hundreds of bucks for the same exact game. Fucking sheep…

      1. Why is it a Nintendo fanboy response, the game is not theirs, they supported it in the beginning and the game sold good thats it, now Yacht Club Games (not NIntendo) want to make it available on other platforms. Do you think it could’ve worked back when mario all-stars came out on the snes if i started bitching about how i should get a discount because i already owned super mario bros 1-2-3, that’s just nonsense. you like a game, you buy it. you like more than enough that you want to keep playing on a different console, buy it again, you think it’s too expensive or that you already gave enough money for that particular game, then leave it be. maybe someone else who didn’t get to play when it first came out will have the chance to. this applies to any game, think sony’s milking the cow with crash bandicoot, or microsoft with the halo remasters, nobody’s forcing anyone to buy those games.

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