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Walmart Starts Putting Up Nintendo Switch Posters

Walmart is one of the latest retailers to put up posters for Nintendo Switch. They display pictures of the upcoming console, its versatile controller, a screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the March 2017 release window. About 24 hours remain until tomorrow’s Nintendo Switch presentation, which will include the launch details and a look at the lineup of games currently in development for the console.




  1. its a good thing to my walmart has never had a nintendo drought console area there just sit there for months its weird tho beacause I never a had wii drought or amiibo drought in my state they just always sit there months and I got my wii like a weeks after its release and it still look the same as before like nothing in the wii area had been touch so hype for switch tho I will be getting it on launch day

  2. This is awesome to see…but I’m 100% completely content with just getting a Breath of the wild Wii U release date. I look forward to owning a Switch, but I’m waiting until next year at this time due to finances, and I want to give it a year to see what we get within the first year of launch; software, mostly. I would like this console to be plentiful like the days of N64 where we had a huge library where whatever we enjoyed, we had a stockful…not just a handful or less than that of must have titles. I really do hope everyone who wants one now can get one and enjoy the long awaited arrival of what seems to be finally putting Nintendo back in the lead!

    1. ||Because darkness almost destroyed that disgusting light worshipping world…||

  3. Well. Its 1.12.17 meaning its Nintendo Switch Direct Day!
    The rumors can finally be put to rest now. Today we’ll find out:
    *is it 1080p?
    *is it 720p?
    *is it portable 4k?
    *is the battery life 2hrs or 2min? Lol
    *is it a touchscreen?
    *are they really getting all that 3rd party support in hardcore games?
    *if they do, will you morons actually show up to support the Switch?
    *will there be a kickass online service? How much will it be assuming Nintendo will charge you?
    *will they finally ditch those silly friend codes?
    *will we see Zelda in march as well?
    *if you rub the switch hard enough Will a big ass genie pop out the system?

    1. It all depends on if they got rid of the console locked & region locked bullshit that plagued Wii & Wii U. If not, I’ll just get BotW on Wii U then get the Switch in the next couple of years when it’s cheaper. If it’s cheaper. If not, I’ll just get it used so Ninty doesn’t get a dime. Whatever the outcome, I fucking win!

  4. Hm. If Switch is everything I wanted & there are multiple colors to choose from, I might preorder it at Wal-Mart or Gamestop when I go to my hometown south of the small town where I live tomorrow. If not, I’ll get BotW on Wii U, so I don’t have to worry about spoilers of the game online, & wait til sometime next year to get the Switch. Or til they have alternate colors to choose from! Preferably gold or green! After all, I’ll have plenty of games to play on PS4 til then.

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